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dentist-1025338_1280-pixabayI am having a blast working on this story! I wish I had a title, but so far, I don’t have a clue. But that’s okay. Weko 1 will work until I figure it out. As long as I know who my characters are and what they’re going to be doing (mostly) that’s what counts. And I’m loving these new characters – especially Wesley Cooper.

In the beginning, Wesley is a rather shallow, self-absorbed man. Appearance is everything to him, though he will discover that in terms of importance, it matters least of all.

Hope you enjoy this little snippet – because I sure had fun writing it. Just remember, it’s the first draft. 🙂

“Wesley? Wesley?” Lainey said, shaking his shoulder gently. He managed to lift his head enough to glance at her. “I’m going in to get your prescription. I’ll be right back, all right?”

She thought he mumbled ‘okay,’ but it was hard to tell since he was talking with a mouthful of gauze. Then his chin hit his chest again and she figured he’d sleep until they got to his apartment. Thank goodness, the parking lot was nearly empty so she shouldn’t be gone too long.

Expecting some sort of line, she was pleasantly surprised to find there was only one person ahead of her at the counter and thanks to the dentist phoning in his prescription, she was in and out of the store in well under ten minutes.

“Done,” she announced, sliding into the driver’s seat and digging in her purse for her keys.

It took a moment to register that Wesley was no longer in the car. For several long seconds, she sat there, staring at the empty seat in disbelief. Then she looked up and scanned the surrounding area. The pharmacy. The gas station and taco restaurant across the road on one corner. A pizza parlor and several other businesses on the other. The heavy lunch hour traffic…

“Please, please, please be in the pharmacy,” she prayed, flinging her door open and jumping out. She hit the pavement at a dead run, almost running into the door when it didn’t open fast enough.

He wasn’t in the first four aisles, but she found him staring at a selection of lipstick in the fifth, a look of confusion on his face when she rushed up to him.

“Wesley! You scared me half to death! Why did you get out of the car?” she demanded, tugging his hand and pulling him toward the door.

“Where’s the candy bars? I’m hungry.” It came out a muffled, mangled mess, and then he named a nut-filled bar that he was, evidently, craving so bad he might die if he didn’t get one this minute.

“Sorry, bud, but that’s on the taboo list for at least a month. Come on. Let’s get you home. Chase said he’ll be bringing enough chicken noodle soup and pudding to last until you’re allowed real food again.” Or at least until he was thinking clearly again. Just the thought of him trying to chew anything with peanuts with those four open wounds in his mouth made her cringe.

He was dozing before she pulled out of the parking lot and she had to shake him awake when they reached his apartment. Inside, she handed him the bag of fresh, sterile gauze pads the dentist had sent home with him.

“Here. You go in the bathroom and change these. Be careful—and no spitting. I’ll get you some water so you can have one of these.” But Wesley was ignoring her, staring at his hand like he’d never seen it before. He was holding it in a beam of light coming in from a gap the curtains, his expression one of awe. “What are you doing?”

“I see air,” he whispered reverently. Lainey laughed, grabbing his arms and turning him toward the hall.

“You see dust motes. Go on. Change that gauze so we can get you to bed.”

It was going to be a relief to hand his care over to Chase in a few hours. She wasn’t sure what the dentist had given him for pain, but he was clearly not used to anything stronger than aspirin. Best to let his brother deal with whatever might happen with the prescription.

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    Can’t wait to read the rest of the book. Sounds great so far.

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