Trying Something New

writer-1421099_1920pixabayIn the past five years or so, my blog posts have been all over the map – from a toothache to health issues to the occasional movie review to my septic tank …  usually though, they’re not related to writing. But after the instructor from a recent webinar gave everyone an assignment, I realize I have to start focusing a little more.

The assignment was, for me, easy. For the five people I asked the question of, not so much. Technically, I asked seven – in case a couple didn’t have time – or didn’t want to think that hard! Right now, I’ll say thank you again to Debbie, Kathie, Janette, Diana, Kitt, and Nancy for getting back with me so quickly.

The question? What are the things I’m most passionate about … and I needed three to five answers.

These ladies didn’t fail me but there was only a consensus on two of the answers – my family and writing. Hmm.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my family, immediate and extended. And I thought about how I could put my focus on them. And then I realized about my family and life could get dull in a hurry. I won’t go so far as to say we’re boring people, but we’re not terribly exciting either.

That leaves writing…

I consider myself a semi-expert on two subjects: being a mom and being a writer. Writing about writing though? I’ve never done that very often. I don’t know why. I guess it’s one thing to write books, but it’s quite another to try and come across like someone who knows what they’re doing. Except I guess I kind of do know something about it.

And I don’t have to actually write about the nuts and bolts of it. Not like I’m talking to other writers. There are plenty of non-technical stuff I can blog about. Like excerpts from manuscripts I’m working, profiles for major characters, where my inspiration for stories and scenes might come from, etc…

So I’m just going be myself and write about something I love – the whole writing process. Except editing. I don’t love editing. 🙂

Since I’m working on two projects at the moment – the first book in my Weko Harbor series and the outline and characters for another series – those are the things I’ll be sharing with you.

In my next post, we’ll get to know Nick Rutledge. While he isn’t one of the main characters in the first book, he is to Weko Harbor what Ed Winslow is to the Coach’s Boys … the anchor. That means he’ll have a fair amount of page time in all of the books.

Hope you will all enjoy the changes around here.

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3 Responses to Trying Something New

  1. I hate editing, too. I don’t understand writers who tell me it’s their favorite part.

    Looking forward to the posts!

  2. Denise says:

    Looking forward to meeting Nick Rutledge. Thanks Kristy, for keeping us entertained.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      You’re welcome, Denise! And I’m glad you’re loving Nick already. He’s a pretty cool guy. Of course, I’m always kind of partial to my heroes. 🙂

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