Profile 1: Nick Rutledge

fork-in-road-nature-lines-country-pexelsSince Nick’s book is likely going to be the last one in the Weko series, it might seem a little strange that’s he’s going to be my first profile. However, as I explained in a previous post, Nick is to Weko what Ed is to the Coach’s Boys – so he will be in every book.

Nick quickly became a favorite character because – well – who hasn’t struggled with their place in life from time to time? But I just think he’s cool, and pretty sexy, and a big sweetheart – even though he thinks he’s just confused.

So here’s his profile, a profile I’ll be referring to often (and adding to as I get to know him better) while I write the stories in this new series.

Oh yeah. I’m going to do a Pinterest page for each of the books and every time I share a profile, I’ll be adding the photo I’m using to picture each character. Just a quick heads up if you go looking for more photos of this particular guy – I was a little … ummm … surprised to find there’s at least one where he’s a little under-dressed. Okay, so he’s not dressed at all. Just thought a warning would be applicable. 🙂

Weko Series Pinterest Board

Nicholas Alexander Rutledge

Pronunciation: N/A

Title: Mr., Reverend

Nicknames: Nick

Sex: male

Race: caucasian

D.O.B.: July 17, 1988

Age: 28

Mental age: 50 going on 16

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 200 pounds

Eye color: brown

Hair color/length/style: dark brown, longish, a little shaggy

Race/skin color: white, slightly tanned

Glasses/contacts: neither

Marital status: single

Occupation: Inherited/owns soda shop, licensed minister, former minister, former mechanic

Current faith/religion: Christian

Parents: Paul (53)and Sylvia (53)

Siblings: Brett (oldest brother – 29), Chris (youngest brother-24)

Surgeries: appendix

Injuries/scars: cut chin on side walk when skateboarding as a teen

Physical details 

Body/build: muscular – but not bulky

Scars: scar on chin, appendix scar, burn scar on shin (about 2×3″)

Tattoos: none

Piercings: right ear

Birthmarks: mole on right side on the back of his neck


Phlegmatic: In many ways, this temperament describes Nick perfectly. He tends to be quiet, thoughtful, and introspective. He also cares about and is interested others, doing his best to help them when he can. Click the blue link for more information on this temperament.

Most prominent personality trait: selflessness

Best traits of their personality: loyal friend, trusting, caring, generous

Worst traits of their personality: indecisive, critical (of self)

Misc. Information

Superstitions/quirks: doesn’t wear a watch but is rarely late for appointments or work, must clean plate (heard too many times about the starving kids in other countries), keeps four quarters in his pocket all the time – in case he ever has to make an emergency phone call, for parking meters, needs a shopping cart at a bargain grocery store, or wants something from a vending machine. Mostly though, he pulls one out and uses it like a worry stone when he’s pondering things.

Good qualities: Delivers ‘to-go’ containers of leftover specials to poor people in are – the ones who sit at corners with signs, trustworthy, offers good and thoughtful advice (when asked), tries to see the best in people

Bad qualities: doesn’t like to shave (but doesn’t like a beard), bedroom is a disaster, can’t settle on what he wants to do with his life so tends to ‘run away’ (by ignoring the issue, but sometimes literally – mechanic job he never told anyone about)

Special skills: wood crafting, reading people, listening

Hobbies: refinishing old wooden furniture, building new wooden furniture, maybe does a blog for people who don’t know what they want to be in life,


Meat: grilled steak

Veggie: green beans

Fruit: apples

Dessert: mother’s apple pie

Snack: French fries

Breakfast: pancakes and sausage

Lunch: leftovers or ham sandwiches and chips

Supper: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans

Beverage: root beer


What scared him/her as a child: Afraid of drowning after a classmate died in Lake Michigan. Hasn’t been able to swim in anything but a pool since.

Hates snakes.


In thinking about a song that could be used for Nick’s theme song, this one is the first that came to mind. He’s on a long and winding road … and he’s not sure what his destination is. At the same time, he considers his ‘brother’ to be anyone who happens to cross his path.

Hope to see you for the next post – which will be a snippet from Weko 1 – the working title of the first book in the series. 🙂


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  1. That sounds like a phlegmatic. 🙂 I am married to one and have another as a good friend.

    “Mental age: 50 going on 16” This was hilarious. LOL

  2. Denise says:

    I’m in love with Nick Rutledge already. Can’t wait to read about him. thanks!

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