Profile 2: Wesley Cooper (and a BIG apology!)

I was responding to some comments today that I was sure I’d already responded to – but nope. There was nothing there, so I figured I’d just meant to and forgotten. When the ones I wrote today disappeared, I was on the verge of sending in a complaint to WordPress – until I noticed a big red rectangular ‘button’ with “CANCEL REPLY” in white letters. Very noticeable, but I never noticed it until today. As you can see below, it’s a lot bigger than the ‘reply’ button, which basically blends in with the background.


At first, I couldn’t believe I’d been hitting the wrong button, but when explaining it to Karen McFarland – 3-4 paragraphs worth of explanation – I did it again … and had to retype it. And that’s in addition to the first one of the day – the one that disappeared.

So I’ll be going through some older posts to see how many I screwed up on. I promise I haven’t been ignoring everyone. Sometimes, I’m a little late, but not like this. This is is just strictly due to the fact that my eyes must be drawn to the most obvious place to click – and I just don’t bother to read. That, or it’s a fairly new feature and it just never registered until today.

Now for Wesley’s profile. I’m afraid he’s not going to be the most likable character at first, but give him a chance. He’ll grow on you, just like he’s growing on me. 🙂

Don’t forget to check this blue link >>> Weko Series Pinterest Board to see each new character as I share their profiles. I’ll be doing the same with another new series too.

Wesley Gary Cooper

(Nick’s info is below – change it for Wesley)

Pronunciation: N/A

Title: Mr.

Nicknames: Wes, Gary Cooper (by smart aleck friends)

Sex: male

Race: caucasian

D.O.B.: December 29, 1987

Age: 28 (but 29 at end of year)

Mental age: 15 – 28 (depends on the moment)

Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 175 pounds

Eye color: blue

Hair color/length/style: brown, wears a business cut

Race/skin color: white, tanned, makes sure he always has a bit of facial stubble

Glasses/contacts: glasses for reading and working

Physical details (shapes)

Body/build: well-built, nice muscles but not huge

Scars: scar between collar bone and left shoulder from puncture wound (messing around with a band member’s flag in high school, tripped and fell on end of it)

Tattoos: none

Piercings: none

Birthmarks: none


Sanguine: Is very sociable, loves to talk, considers everyone a friend though he has very few true friends (Nick, Willa, John, and his twin brother, Chase). Buried in his rather shallow heart is a good guy Wesley doesn’t realize exists. Tends to see what’s on the surface rather than the whole, be it people or things. Deep in his rather shallow heart is a good guy but he doesn’t realize it because he already thinks he’s a good guy. (Click this blue link to learn more about the Sanguine temperament)

Most prominent personality trait: Self-centered

Best traits of their personality: loyal friend, willing to help those he cares about, generally optimistic

Worst traits of their personality: often bases opinions on appearances, impatient

Current faith/religion: Christian

Current superstitions/quirks: Hates dressing like his brother. Wears an expensive watch, looks at it often when bored and wants to leave wherever he’s at. Likes to hold a pen, taps it when talking business with anyone, or when bored. Neat freak.

Marital status: single

Occupation: Accountant with largest firm in the area. Also does taxes, payroll, etc… for friends and family for a discounted price.

Good qualities: Always keeps his word, great friend (to the smaller circle), intelligent, good with numbers. Devoted to aunt.

Bad qualities: zones out when people bore him, impatient, often judgmental, tends to be critical of others

Special skills: numbers, good at pencil drawings

Hobbies: Likes doing jigsaw puzzles but doesn’t advertise the fact. Does them on a thin board he can hide under his bed if necessary. Loves to read.

Parents: Jolie (55), father – unknown. Jolie abandoned with her Aunt Jessie (72) when they were five (she raised them and dressed them in identical clothes throughout grade school).

Siblings: Identical twin, Chase Jackie Cooper (28)


Meat: fried chicken

Veggie: salads

Fruit: grapes

Dessert: pumpkin pie

Snack: popcorn

Breakfast: bacon and toast

Lunch: hot beef sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad

Supper: fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, salad

Beverage: water or cola


Surgeries: appendix, tonsils

Injuries: repair to shoulder after falling on pointed part of flag


What scared him/her as a child: Aunt Jessie leaving him too, losing his brother.  Had nightmares for years, still has them occasionally.

Peeves: Hates that his mother gave him and his brother middle names of old, famous guys with the last name Cooper. Hates when people won’t wash their hands after using bathrooms.

In trying to think of Wesley’s theme song, only one kept coming to mind – and though he isn’t a model, he does think pretty highly of himself early in the story. That makes this song very appropriate. 🙂


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