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girl-491623_1280pixabayAs I explained in my post on Friday, this profile is about two weeks late but I hope you’ll still enjoy Lainey’s profile. She was an easy character to come up with because she’s every girl in developed countries rolled into one. We’re all flawed – in our own eyes – whether where twelve, sixteen, twenty-two, forty, or older. 

Like many women, myself included, Lainey struggles with her weight. She eats fairly healthy and is active, but no matter what she does, she can’t drop below a size sixteen. For the most part, she’s happy with herself but deep down, wishes she knew what was wrong.

Because I’ve struggled with thyroid issues for so long, I’m 95% sure I’ll try to raise awareness for this condition with this story. cites a study funded by Knoll Pharmaceutical Company estimating the number of undiagnosed cases in the USA to be in the neighborhood of thirteen million.

Hypothyroid Mom has a list of reasons why so many aren’t being diagnosed, including outdated lab ranges, which vary greatly depending on the lab. Then you have doctors who refuse to treat a patient if their TSH is below 10. She has another article (here) that tells what the new ranges should be 0.3 to 3.0. That’s a lot lower than the old standards … and a whole lot lower than 10!

So I think this is a great subject to deal with in my book, along with self-acceptance/love.

With that said, you’ll find Lainey’s profile below. And don’t forget to visit my Weko Series Pinterest page if you’re interested in seeing how see her and the other characters. I’ll be doing shorter profiles for the secondary characters in this book.

Name: Elaine Marie Lawson

Pronunciation (if applicable): Lane – ee

Title: Ms.

Nicknames: Lainey (see above for pronunciation)

Sex: female

Race/species: Caucasian

Age: 26

Mental age: 35

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: Refuses to tell me – but she wears a size 16

Eye color: blue

Hair color/length/style: sable brown, hangs just past her shoulders and is fairly straight

Skin color: slightly tanned

Glasses/contacts: no

Physical details

Eyes: a little larger than average, thick lashes

Nose: straight, not too wide

Body/build: wears a sixteen but is toned and athletic

Physical flaws: overweight and can’t get rid of 40 pounds no matter how hard she tries

Scars: lower right abdomen (appendix), faint scars on right ankle from dog bite

Tattoos: none

Piercings: ears – single hole in each

Birthmarks: mole at base of neck near left side, small one that looks like a faint hickey near left collar bone (she hides it with collars, scarves, or concealer)


Sanguine: 25%


Phlegmatic: 75%


Most prominent personality trait:  Determined

Best traits of their personality: Is dependable, hardworking, focused, caring

Worst traits of their personality: works so hard so she feels better about herself, secretly jealous/resentful of women with ‘good’ figures but won’t often admit it – even to herself – because it makes her feel petty.

Current faith/religion: Christian

Current superstitions/quirks: loves shoes, purses, and hats,

Marital status:  Single

Occupation: Trainer for Four Quarters Steakhouse

Good qualities: Responsible, reliable, great friend, honest, hardworking, eats healthy and works out regularly despite weight issues

Bad qualities: Won’t admit it but works so hard to try to win approval because no matter how much she claims to be comfortable in her skin, she feels a little inferior. Leaves her little time for friends, family, and a social life.

Special skills: problem solving, resolving conflicts with the people she trains

Hobbies: loves to read, crochet, and bake things

Parents: Hugh and Sheila Lawson

Siblings: Younger sister, Chantel, younger brother, Kevin


Meat: grilled chicken or steak

Veggie: broccoli

Fruit: apples

Dessert: strawberry fluff

Snack: popcorn

Breakfast: french toast and bacon

Lunch: BLT, onion rings, lemonade

Supper: swiss steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli, and fruit salad

Beverage: water

Surgeries: appendix, tonsils

Injuries: broken arm (fell out of tree at thirteen)

What scared him/her as a child: putting on shorts or a swimming suit because she found out at an early age that while not all classmates were mean, some could make the life of a slightly overweight kid miserable.

It took a little thought to come up with a song that was perfect, or as close as I could get to perfect, and this is it…

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