Judgmental People

Given my hiatus from blogging, I hope you don’t faint because I’m posting twice in a matter of days. But I can’t help it. After reading an article about the photo shoot of a newly engaged couple. The scantily clad woman is plus-size and that, according to many of those who left comments, is not cool. Why? Because she’s overweight, I guess she has no right to expose herself to those who are offended by less than ‘perfect’ bodies.

Based on what I saw, most of these ‘perfect people’ failed to actually read the article. If they had done so, they’d have discovered that the couple did not share their photos. The photographer, as she often does with other photos, posted them on her Facebook page. They went viral from there, not because the woman was trying to get attention.

You can read the article here.

What offends me about these people and their ugly comments is that they don’t have a clue why this woman is plus-size. Does she have a wonky thyroid? Another health issue? Is she taking medication that makes it easy to put weight on but makes it nearly impossible to get it off? And let’s not forget about the cost of living.

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One fast food restaurant offers a salad option instead of the sandwich. They’ll exchange the bun for a couple of handfuls of lettuce – and it will only cost an extra $1.50. Add a bottle of water and you’ll be paying about $9.00 for the lunch or supper. Just down the road, you can spend less than $4.00 on a burger, small order of fries, and a large soda. There’s no nutrition in this meal but the person consuming it will leave with a full belly – for less than half the price.

It’s a sad fact of life that budgets dictate how we live. Some people can afford quality foods, some cannot. But low incomes don’t always add up to weight gain.

Personally, I blame much of it on the chemicals other countries ban from their food supplies. Those same chemicals, however, can be found in almost everything we eat in the USA. Why? Because the FDA says okay.

I challenge anyone reading this blog post to do a little research on food additives and hormones added to our food supplies. To get those interested started, click here for an article on the CBS website. In a nutshell, it cites a study that says chemicals in our foods can cause metabolic syndrome and significant weight gain.

I wish those commenting on the couple in the photos would educate themselves before judging people who struggle with weight issues. Maybe then they’d join me in the ‘just not lest I be judged’ camp – which is where I try my best to stay.

If you’ve never seen the video, grab a tissue. You’ll need it.




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2 Responses to Judgmental People

  1. “Personally, I blame much of it on the chemicals other countries ban from their food supplies. Those same chemicals, however, can be found in almost everything we eat in the USA.”

    I do, too! It’s horrible what is put in our foods. I’ve done some research on the topic, and I’m fully convinced that what they put in our foods has a lot to blame for how overweight some people are. It’s not fair to blame people. A couple years ago, I was diligent about only eating organic foods, and I was eating a ton of salads, even when eating out. My friend would eat whatever she wanted, and she often had dessert and a fattening mochas. I also walked my butt off, and she did minimal exercise. I was heavier than she was, but I was more alert, had tons more energy, and could walk circles around her. So it upsets me when people assume heavier people are doing something wrong.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      It should be criminal the things the FDA allows in our food supplies. They’ll take 10 years to approve an anti-cancer drug for people who are dying, yet poison us with chemicals and preservatives (and only God knows what else). So many of those things cause ailments like metabolic syndrome and more.

      But yes. I was going to the pool six days a week – and exercising for an hour every single day. And when it didn’t feel like exercise, I exercised harder – and for about ten days was afraid I’d cracked a rib, lol. It was just seriously pulled muscles. But a lot of thinner women – those who chowed down at fast food places and didn’t get near the exercise I did would look at me like I needed to lose a few pounds. Which I did but what they didn’t know is that I’ve never been able to get my hypothyroidism under control. Why? Because the prescriptions make my blood pressure high and since they apparently can cause kidney damage, I’m NOT taking those!

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