Book Review: Hand-Me-Down-Princess

Because many – and I’d go so far as to say most – authors are kind of like artists in that they need to supplement what they earn from their passion (in my case, writing), I’ve decided to make more use of affiliate links. I’ll use them where applicable in blog posts and book reviews, which I intend to start doing a few times each month.

I’ve always been on the fence about doing this but with Amazon paying about .45 cents per 100 pages read in Kindle Unlimited (about $1.20 for a 300 page book), many authors have seen their incomes drop. Some are resorting to Patreon accounts and I’m just not comfortable with that. So I’ve chosen to give this a try.

That said….

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Review of book 4 in the The Monarchies of Belles Montagnes series

Hand-Me-Down-Princess  by Carol Moncado


Since I started reading these books last November, they’ve been re-numbered. The first four were 1-4. Now they’re 4-7. So if it seems like I started in the middle, I probably did – but I didn’t know it at the time.

Also, I should probably warn you that these are clean, contemporary Christian romance novels. Don’t worry, in case you’re groaning with disappointment, they’re not preachy. They’re actually riveting, full of adventure, romance, intrigue – and danger. They kept me reading well past my bedtime – every single time I started reading one.

Now for the review:

This book begins with plain Jane princess, Jessabelle, about to marry a man she’s never met, second in line to the throne. Not the Crown Prince because he rejected her. So she’s feeling kind of unwanted. Malachi, Kai, her new husband, wasn’t anymore thrilled at their union than she but for such a young man, he really is a prince. Determined that she’ll never feel second best, he sets about making his new wife feel wanted.

Honestly, I kind of fell in love with Kai because for such a young man, he had me swooning out of the gate. He resented being forced to marry, yet he fulfilled his obligation. But then he decided he was going to be a good husband and make his bride never felt like she was second best to anyone.      

In the midst of all of that, they have to deal with the death of a loved one, a couple of shocking, decades’ old secrets, and life threatening danger. Through it all, Kai never once let me … um … I mean his wife down, remaining the hero I found him to be from the beginning. Yes, he had a flaw or two but for the most part, he’s the kind of man I like to read about in any book I pick up.

My rating? Easily, five stars!

Okay… Affiliate links…

First, let me promise here and now that I’ll never share links for books, movies, or products that I haven’t personally used and love.

Second, an affiliate link is a highlighted, underlined link to a product on – and FTC rules say anyone using them must disclose that fact. So, if you click on a link for a product, and then buy it or anything else that day (maybe longer in some cases), I will get a small percent of the sale. That percentage was 4-8% but I guess those rates dropped by about 20% earlier this year. So honestly? I don’t know what the new rates are – but probably closer to 3% to 6.5% now.


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