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At least some of them. I’m really starting to love Wattpad and am trying to add new parts to all of my stories weekly … for both my Kristy K. James and JJ Belding books. I’ve actually managed to update both two weeks in a row (quite a feat for me, lol) so I thought it was time I let all of you know about it.

I’d also like to ask a favor. If you read any of the stories there (and I really hope you will!), please take a moment to vote on each part and maybe leave some comments. I would love to get the notice of someone at Wattpad but without lots of reads, votes, and comments, it’s not likely to happen. So thank you in advance for your help. 🙂

My son says you don’t need an account to read stories on Wattpad but I’m not sure whether you can vote or comment if you don’t. If you do need one, they’re free – and there are millions of other stories there you can read for free too.

Here are the links to both of my Wattpad pages:

Right now, for Kristy K. James, I’ve got:

The Daddy Pact (already free on Amazon) up – just one more part on Friday to complete
Brody’s Banshee, complete
Someday… maybe, complete
Erin’s Christmas Wish, the first two parts. I’ll be adding a new one every week until it’s complete too

As JJ Belding, I have:

The Secret, prequel for Haunted Depot: The Ghost Curse. Just one part right now but I’ll be adding more each week for the next three weeks when it, too, will be complete.

And then I’ll be starting The Depot, Book 1 in Haunted Depot: The Ghost Curse, and once that’s up, I might put the series Christmas story up. I’ll share the covers for all three here – because I’m loving them 🙂


I hope you like them as much as I do, and that those of you who like a little paranormal or urban fantasy with your romance will enjoy reading these stories as much as I’m enjoying writing them. And no worries. I’m a big chicken. They won’t be too scary. 🙂


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