Fresh Air and Some Updates

My daughter, Aria, and I spent most of five hours at an outdoor wedding and reception yesterday. It was really nice, with no less than half dozen ‘why didn’t I bring tissues?!‘ moments.

Today, I’m reminded of two things. One. Fresh air makes me really, really tired. Like for two days. Why? Because I’m used to air conditioned or heated office air and my body isn’t quite sure what to think of all that fresh stuff. And two. While I love a lot of music – everything from Dean Martin to Aerosmith to the Backstreet Boys – I do not and never will love super loud hard rock music filled with language so shocking I wanted to hold my hands over Aria’s ears for fear she might repeat some of it.

Yeah, I guess I’m getting older…

Still, it was a beautiful wedding and I wish the happy couple well on their new life together.

It makes me kind of excited for the couples in some of my new stories. I didn’t get everything I wanted done for Camp NaNo because the decision that it was time to get most of my books (all of the fiction anyway) in the biggest online bookstores meant I had to devote a big chunk of my time and energy to actually getting them there.

But Weko 1 is nearly done. I’m doing a final read through and edits before sending it off to two of my favorite people. I’ve also started a couple of more stories. I figure if other authors can work on two or three at a time, so can I. Right?

LOL…well, we’ll see if I can.

For now, I’m going to go get some ice cream, and then I’m going to get through as much of Weko 1 tonight as I can because I really want the rewrites out of the way in the next two or three days. I’m also going to leave you with a video. The disc jockey played it during the father/daughter dance last night.

This isn’t from that wedding I attended but I love it anyway. I can just see all of my heroines – those who have fathers anyway – dancing with their dads. Especially… Well, I’ll just say when I think of one of my favorite guys in Her Best Friend Jon (affiliate link) dancing with his daughter at her wedding, it brings tears to my eyes too.

Photo credit: Pixabay

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2 Responses to Fresh Air and Some Updates

  1. I had to see if that video was really “signing” instead of “singing” since I thought it was a typo. 🙂 My son is deaf, so I know some sign language. It was fun to see the song actually being signed to. I understood about half the song without hearing the words. So I had to turn on the sound to get the rest of it. Part of what makes signing hard to figure out is that they don’t always sign in the order that the words are spoken. I know why. I end up doing this with my son if the conversation is going fast. You leave out stuff like “to, the, a, an, he, she, they” and other useless words that aren’t key to the sentence, too. You end up pointing to people, fingerspelling some words, and using your facial gestures to convey half of the message. A lot gets lost between speaking and signing. It’s like having to relearn a whole new language. If someone is signing fast, I’m totally lost. Thankfully, my son repeats a lot of stuff to me.


    Regarding the music with inappropriate words at a wedding, I’m guessing they went off the radio? This is off-tangent, but when I check out retailers, I see book titles with the B-word and F-word. These are top sellers, too. A couple were in B&N when I went in there with my kids on the way to the children section. I don’t know if we can avoid our little ones from coming across foul language anymore. It’s not just in music. There was even a sticker on a truck in my town with someone showing off the middle finger. On talk radio and prime time TV, they say “a–” as if it’s no big deal. This stuff is all over the place. And then teachers have the nerve to blame parents when the kids say this kind of stuff at school. I don’t know how we can possibly shelter our little ones when it’s so pervasive. This is stuff the culture is promoting. How can you fight something like that?

    Okay. Off soapbox.

    I love fresh air, but yes, it does make me tired, too. I usually sleep better if I get outside during the day. 🙂

    • Kristy K. James says:

      I can’t even imagine trying to sign every word in every sentence. That would take forever so I can see why you leave stuff out, point, and spell. Unfortunately, I can only do the alphabet. I’ve had ‘private’ conversations with my daughter and sister but none of us are very good at it and it’s kind of slow going. It is handy to know though when you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be interrupting by talking out loud.

      I’m glad you and your son have figured out what works best for you – and that he’s patient with his mom. It would probably be easy for him to get frustrated – and you too, actually.

      As far as the music goes, I’d guess they were accessing something on the internet. Whatever it was, I’ll be avoiding it because wow. It’s so not what I like to hear. As for the other things you mention … stickers on vehicles just really make me shake my head and wonder what’s happened since I was a kid. I think of parents trying to field questions like, “What does that mean, mommy?” and I just cringe. I remember my sister and I sitting on our front porch when a boy of about ten rode by on a bike, looked right at us and said the ‘f’ word. It wasn’t THAT long ago but it really stunned us. I kind of miss the days when it was normal to be polite and keep cussing to a minimum. The things Aria hears and picks up on… Yikes!

      Good point on the sleeping better from fresh air. I’ll have to give that some thought. It just makes me tired the next day too. Of course, that could be some allergy stuff going on too. 😀

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