Needing a Little Motivation Tonight…

Nothing motivates me much more than music. And since I still haven’t baked that spaghetti squash or made the meatballs, and I still don’t want to, I need something I can take to the kitchen with me. My computer isn’t exactly portable but the phone is – and I can get to my blog on it. That way, I can kill two birds with one stone. Do what needs to be done – and think about the series I’m working on.

Did I mention that I dreamed the entire plot of one of the stories? Yup. It woke me out of a sound sleep a few days ago – and sent me running (okay, staggering like a zombie) to my office to write it down. Why? Because it was was a really good idea. It was also too much information to text to myself. I type fifty or sixty words a minute. I text about three words a minute. It would have taken me six months to get all that in Messenger.

So, since I want to run it through my head a little more, I need help keeping my focus where I want it. More on the story than the baking. Well… I’ll focus on the baking a little bit. It’s still really cold and I can’t think of a single fireman I’d like to meet tonight. 🙂


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