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Life, Lemons, and Going with the Flow

If you have followed me at all, you’ll know I’m not – nor have I ever been – a summer lover. I’m usually counting down the days to October first like a child looks forward to Christmas morning. This summer … Continue reading

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Schedules? Ha! (and an updated recipe)

So this will make what? Four out of seven days? Clearly, my plans to blog thirty days in a row isn’t going to happen. In my defense, my entire schedule has been thrown out of whack by a hospitalized relative, … Continue reading

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Sweetheart Sunday

Two days. I made it two days in a row before I missed a day. In all fairness, it was stormy for part of the day and I won’t leave my computer plugged in during storms. Then my daughter and … Continue reading

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Just One of those Drives

Welcome to my first Funtabulous Friday – and to the 2nd of 30 posts … in a row! I’m not sure whether Friday posts will make the cut once the ‘month’ is up but if they are, I plan to … Continue reading

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Expectations & Expermiments

Expectations… When I decided I was going to start writing more regularly again, I set some attainable goals and looked forward to crossing each item off in my planner at the end of each day. I had this! After all, the … Continue reading

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The Difference a Decade and a Half Makes

Wow. I just realized the tenth anniversary of my accident went by – almost nine months ago. There was a time when I marked each  year, but then I guess it got to the place where it didn’t matter anymore. … Continue reading

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