I’m Back … I think


That crisis thing I kind of told you about last month, the one that I thought was almost over… Well not so much. It got worse, and then it got a little worse than that, and now the patient is back in the hospital. That means frequent trips to visit again, which I hate doing because it means dealing with a lot of traffic in the ‘big city.’ Or one of three cities in Michigan that could be considered a big one.

It’s been frustrating to me because one, it’s not been pleasant for any of us. Two, it’s hard to stick to a good eating plan when you’re exhausted. And three, it’s even harder to write when you haven’t had nearly enough sleep for a month.

Today, on the way home from another visit, my daughter, Aria, and I stopped at a store. It’s an interesting one called Five Below – nothing is priced over five dollars. While they checked out many areas of the store, like a magnet, I was drawn immediately to the big display of books in the middle of the store.

Only five dollars for each book?!

There were quite a few I would have liked but since I’m going to be pouring a lot of money into the gas tank for only God knows how long, I chose two.

The titles? ‘300 Writing Prompts’ and ‘2000 Would You Rather Questions.’ (no authors listed, just publishing companies on the copyright page)

Odd choices, you might think. But as soon as I saw them, I knew they might help me get into a more regular writing habit. At least, I hope they will. Because I’ve analyzed my writing productivity in the past – and one of the things I was doing when I was writing more books was to blog three times a week. 

These things could help with two posts, a question one day and a prompt the next  – and I think they might be a lot of fun! The third day could be – well, maybe something that would surprise even me. A romantic video/song/proposal, flash fiction – just about anything could happen for that one. And it wouldn’t take a lot of time or energy, things I haven’t had enough of since late June. 

I also thought that you all could share your answers to each post in the comments below. So very quickly, here is the first ‘WYR’ (would you rather) question:

Would you rather live in a windmill or a lighthouse?

would rather live in a lighthouse, preferably on Lake Michigan. I absolutely love beaches, listening to waves washing up on shore and gulls flying around looking for something to eat. 

What about you? If you could choose to live in one, which would it be? A windmill or a lighthouse? And why?

Photo credit: Pixabay

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2 Responses to I’m Back … I think

  1. I’m sorry to hear the bad news. 🙁 How frustrating all of this is: for you, the patient, and your family. I hope things will get better. I’ll be praying for you all.

    The “would you rather” thing is fun! I would pick the lighthouse, too. My first thought was, “With the lighthouse, you can see your way around in the dark since there’s a light in it.” Can you imagine a windmill at night? Though, I guess you could bring a light, but my mind automatically went to the time in our history before we had electricity. 😛

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Thank you. You know I appreciate any and all prayers!

      Yesterday though, we got a very welcome miracle. Two of the issues turned out to be different than the doctors thought. One isn’t an issue at all, and the other wasn’t nearly as serious as they’d originally thought. In fact, it wasn’t what they thought at all. So life should settle down quite a bit. There are still problems but other than more doctors appointments than I wish there were going to be, I can’t complain. And it doesn’t look like those will go on forever so another reason to celebrate. AND … I get to start working in earnest on my new series. Totally pumped about that. 🙂

      If I’m going to be honest about the lighthouse/windmill question, I’d rather not live in either one of them – unless there was a home built at the base of the lighthouse. My daughter and I toured one in Mackinaw City a few years ago and I’d totally NOT be into the three or four floors thing. My knees ache just thinking about all those stairs. However, I still love the beaches on the Great Lakes so someday, I do intend to have a vacation home (or permanent!) on one of them.

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