The #Chaffle Train – and a WYR

The chaffle what?

I know. The term confused me for a minute too. Kind of like Bennifer, Brangelina, or other portmanteaus like breathalyzer (breath & analyzer), mimsy (miserable & flimsy), and bodacious (bold & audacious).

Little did I know, when I first saw the word, that it might have a positive impact on my life. Diet and energy-wise anyway. Maybe I’ll make up my own word there – ‘dinergy.’ Or not.

‘Chaffles’ – or chaffel-like foods – have been around since the first time someone threw brownie batter into a waffle maker because they were too impatient to preheat the oven. The first instance of the word though, as near as I can find, was in 2015 when Seabirds Kitchen in Southern California coined the term. Back then, it was a combination of churros, and waffles, and ice cream, and other yummy stuff.

Definitely not Trim Healthy Mama friendly. Fortunately, plenty of keto dieters have come up with recipes that are something I can add to my meal plans. In fact, I made four different kinds today.

First, I want to explain that a single egg, with a couple of scant tablespoons of low carb flour, an eighth cup or so of low fat mozzarella cheese, and various seasonings makes two chaffles in my Dash mini waffle maker (affiliate link – read about those here). So while it looks like a boatload of food, it’s really not that much. But it is all protein – and very filling!

Here are a couple of photos of tonight’s breakfast for supper. That’s a salad fork beside the ‘waffle chaffles,’ so you can see they’re not huge. But I was so stuffed I couldn’t finish the sandwich.

By the way, a keto chaffle is the portmanteau of cheese and waffle.

Anyway, enough about that. Time for some fun – another WYR (Would You Rather)…

Would you rather give up your favorite food for a year – or give up candy forever?

Appropriate question now that I’m back on my diet, isn’t it? 🙂

I guess I’d have to say I’d rather give up my favorite food. Because I have so many, choosing one to not eat for 365 days wouldn’t be too hard. And it would beat giving up all candy. Because even though I’m hoping to permanently cut sugar from my diet, there are still yummy healthier candies to be bought and made.

What about you? Let me know in the comments below. Which one would you choose to give up?

Photo credit: Pixabay.

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