Lazy Days and… I’m SO excited!

The writing prompt today is: How do you like to spend lazy days?

That’s kind of a loaded question for me and all I can say is … it depends on the day. Some days, I love spending with family and friends. Other days, I want to just read, lose myself in a good movie or two, or binge watch a favorite series on Netflix. Of course, I might want to catch up on sleep instead. Or take a long, leisurely drive. 

What about you? How do you like to spend lazy days? Let me know in the comments below.

Now… What, exactly, am I so excited about?

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’ve fallen in love with the new keto craze – chaffles. The problem is, I’m doing Trim Healthy Mama (affiliate link – click here to learn more). It is a lower carb diet, and depending on the type of meal I’m eating, I can enjoy plenty of butter or cheese. But I was afraid as much as I was getting into chaffles, I’d be getting way too much fat, and I don’t want to risk that.

Then I remembered a video I saw by Lindsey Murphy…

And then I made another batch of Nili’s Baking Blend (an almost clone of the Trim Healthy Mama baking blend – another affiliate link.)…

And it worked. The THM-i-fied Diet Doctor rolls produce a fabulous low fat/low carb chaffle substitute!

How did they turn out? 


They turned out wonderful! So wonderful, in fact, you can tell I was eating one while the other one and a half cooked in my cute little Dash waffle maker. The flavor and texture are surprisingly perfect. They’re soft, like fresh bread, though if you wanted them crispier, you could just cook them longer. 

I still have to play around with the exact amount to use for each waffle/chaffle/bread/bun substitute. Each one takes about four minutes to cook. When I used too much dough, I had to hold the lid down with a folded towel so figuring out the exact amount to use is a priority.

I’ll be making a full batch of these tonight and storing them in the fridge. I can have guilt free sandwiches now. I experimented with these ones. Just butter. Butter and Crazy Richard’s peanut butter. And butter,  peanut butter, and sugar free raspberry preserves. Sooooo good! 


I might also see if I can turn them into desserts. For now, I’m just going to enjoy them as sandwiches. Gotta get stuff to make hot ham and American cheese, turkey and swiss, and roast beef and provolone! Oh! And one of my favorites … BLTs. Actually, I might have everything I need for the BLTs.

Um… I gotta go. 🙂

Photo credit (woman standing on dock overlooking lake): Pixabay

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