The Difference Between Night & Day

During the past eleven or so years, living a vampiresque sort of life, I’ve missed seeing the sunrise. I’ve missed the limited winter daylight hours. And, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve missed living like a normal person.

I’d convinced myself – and truly believed it – that I was more productive as a writer if I didn’t start before ten at night. That part might be true though. I don’t ever remember writing as much during the day.

But we’re going to find out if I can.

Why? Because of a huge schedule change, I’m in bed (most nights) by ten – and up by six. Yup. The babysitting grandma is back at work. But that’s all right. Y’all know I like Aria just a teensy, tiny little bit. 😀

Aria and her mama watching a helicopter a month or so ago.

Four years after I first started, things have changed a lot. Now, she can entertain herself for short periods of time. Periods of time when I can write and edit. And I’m finding it I get started right away, I can get a good hour in before she even wakes up. Kind of feeling my way around the rest of the day, working in as many writing sprints as I can. 

I can see this succeeding though. As easily as I’ve adapted to the normal schedule again, I can totally see writing productivity increasing too. And that’s good. I’ve really missed telling stories. I’ve also missed being a morning person and, as each day passes, I’m loving it a little more.

Can’t think of a better song to express my feelings about my new schedule!

Photo credit: Pixabay

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