Shelter at Home…

Before all this COVID-19 business started, I’d have said I was a homebody. And I’d have meant it too. I could easily stay home for a week or ten days and been totally okay with it. But I’ve never been especially fond of people telling me what to do. With the exception of laws. I totally obey traffic laws, don’t steal or kill, or commit any other sort of crime.

Tell me to shelter at home, along with the rest of the residents of our state though and suddenly, I’m not as content at home as I would have been had I chosen to do it. For no other reason than I tend to be a little rebellious. But, I’m not stupid either. I don’t want me, or anyone I care about to get sick, so I stay home. Except for grocery runs and doctor’s appointments.

I imagine I’m not the only one with a case of cabin fever, so I’m taking this opportunity to help. At least I hope it will help some of you. For a limited time, digital copies of the Coach’s Boys series will be discounted to .99 cents each. This includes Cooking with the Coach’s Boys and Holding Out for Love, a Coach’s Boys companion story.

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Happy Easter, everyone! Stay safe.


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