Missed 9th Anniversary – and a Quick Update

I’ve missed my blogging anniversary more than once. Maybe even several times, but usually not by more than a day or few. This time, it was by almost a month! Of course, we all know I had other things on my mind in June too. I tried to pretend I was just getting everything set up for a productive recovery, and that I was excited to have the surgery, get it over, and get back to normal. 

Honestly though? The freak out I mentioned in my last post, Just Bought a Suitcase, was pretty much a month-long thing. In fact, until two days before the surgery, I was on the fence about canceling it entirely. 

But I didn’t. And now, ten days post-op, while I’m not feeling great, I am feeling pretty good. I’m also looking forward to blogging more often. And definitely getting back to writing. Everything in me wants to be writing. But I’ll settle for moments like I enjoyed a little bit ago, when a sweet picture caught my eye. Before I even really realized it, I’d grabbed a pen and started writing because a future hero in the new series suddenly came into focus. Until that moment, he’d been nothing more than a name – and a vague face. Someone I’d bring to life at some point in the future. But now, he’s more real – and ahead of schedule!

Hopefully, this means I’ll be doing a little more each day. Because if I’m doing a little more writing each day, I’ll be feeling a little better every day. Right?

Okay. I’m starting to zone out. Technically, I kind of was before I even started. So I’ll cut us all a break and not ramble. 🙂

Until next time, I’ll leave you with a short video about a beach in Michigan. And I’ll continue to share videos as I write the series. I know there are those who think only the east, west, and Gulf coasts have the only ‘real’ beaches in the USA – but Michigan has some awesome beaches too!

You can read about one of them in A Prince on the Run, always free now (digital copies only).

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2 Responses to Missed 9th Anniversary – and a Quick Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Take care Kristy and heal fast!! Miss you and your new books!!

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Thanks! I’m hoping to be around a lot more in the future – with a new book out in the not too distant future. 🙂

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