A Cancer Survivor

Normally, it’s a miracle if I make two posts in a month, but here I am, working on my second post of the day. For some reason though, I just feel like I need to do this one too.

Some people would call me a cancer survivor, as the title suggests. It sounds funny because I don’t feel like a cancer survivor. Why? Because almost as soon as it was found, it was gone. At least as far as the colon goes. The stuff on the skin took a little longer to get rid of – because those in power decided skin cancer surgery was elective and with the virus thing going on, I had to wait from February 4th until May 19th. Thank God I didn’t need chemo or radiation for either one of them

Back on topic though…

Why am I doing a second blog post today? Because I’ve been spending a lot of time educating myself about how to avoid getting cancer again. Granted, there’s a 90% five-year survival rate … but the farther away I get from the surgeries, and the better I feel, the bigger that 10% looks.

Yup. My odds of surviving the next five years are very good – but I want them to be better. 

My sister and I learned, through massive amounts of research when our dad was dying, that cancer cells thrive on glucose. That likely explained the fact that a cupboard at his place up north was filled with boxes of Little Debbie cakes. And why one of my aunts kept making him cream puffs with chocolate syrup. He craved carbs and sweets because his cancer cells needed them to grow.

If you’ve got half an hour, the video below explains it all very nicely. It’s what I plan to do for the rest of what I plan to be a long, healthy life. That, and intermittent fasting – but that’s a story for another day.

There’s no guarantee I’ll never get cancer again – but if I take away its main fuel source, the odds are much better that I won’t.

That’s why I’m sharing this video. I imagine most people who see this post aren’t going to be interested in going keto, and even more would say no to fasting twelve to sixteen hours a day. But maybe there are people like me, only they don’t know what to do to increase their odds for a long life.

I do – and there’s a lot more to be found on it than this one half hour video. This is just a place to start.

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