Tonight’s Playlist

I’m pretty sure this duo is one of my daughter’s favorites. Some part of me remembers her mentioning them, but too often – with me anyway – things can go in one ear and out of the other … with no pitstop in between. And I often have to apologize. Writing or not, there are always a few stories playing out in my head, so I don’t always pay attention like I should.

But tonight, Dance With Me popped up in my YouTube suggestion – and it got my attention. I thought it was a cover of the Orleans song I’ve always loved. Except it wasn’t. Not that it mattered, because it wasn’t long before the video sucked me in.

And then I was watching more of their videos, including the last one. The first three definitely put me in the mood to do some writing. Well, technically, editing is what’s on the schedule tonight. And since editing isn’t my favorite part of writing, the romantic music helped ‘put me in the mood.’

Just a heads up. While the last one is sung by the same couple, and it’s one of my favorite songs ever, it has nothing to do with romance. It’s a worship song I fell in love with the first time I heard it. The words are so beautiful, it brings me to tears every time I listen to it, though this is the first time I’ve heard it by Caleb & Kelsey.

As I listened to them sing it, I realized it’s actually quite appropriate. The main ‘star’ of the new series is a young, handsome, displaced preacher, and the other main characters were in the same youth group when they were teenagers. Now grown up, they’re trying to navigate life and love. And don’t worry, while there will be references God, romance is the focus. I won’t be preaching to you, or at you. 🙂

I do have a couple of Christian romance novels, if you enjoy them – A Fine Mess and Enza. Those are both affiliate links. You can learn more about them here.

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