Never Say Never

I’m never going to ______ (insert anything you wish here).

When I grow up, I’m never going to eat another butter bean (and I have not). My child will never act out in public  (well…). I’m never going to stop riding my bike (ummm…). I’ll never fall out of love (oops). I’ll never get sick (uh-huh). I will never, ever, EVER suffer from writer’s block or burnout. I’ll never this, that, or the other thing. But then somehow, I do.

I will never eat slime. I mean okra.

I mean, I’ve heard about that stuff. Yeah. Maybe it’s good for you. In fact, really good for you. But when you hear words like, well, slime … and snot … applied to a substance that’s supposed to be eaten, it’s hard to get enthused over any potential health benefits. In fact, I’m so UNenthused  about it, I’ve bought – and discarded – three bags of the stuff. After a year or two in the freezer, it must go bad, right?

One friend suggested I fry it to just shy of burned. If it’s crispy enough, slime problem solved. That’s how she and her family like it. And I’ve thought about it, even as I threw each bag of okra in the trash bin.

Maybe two or three weeks ago, I joined a new Trim Healthy Mama Facebook group. This one is smaller, and I’m finding it extremely motivating. Eating keto, at this point in my life, isn’t working for me and, after much research, I’ve decided that Trim Healthy Mama is still what I need to be doing. If I want to be healthy and avoid another year like 2020.

But … I need to be on it a lot more than off. And that’s where this group is helping. I see no point in joining a support group if I’m going to lie about what I’m eating, or not eating. So, the fact that I’ll be telling the truth motivates me to stick to the plan. Which really isn’t that hard. I’ve been eating some pretty yummy meals…

One of my favorite things is a ‘Snickers Shake.’ I love it so much, I made a big batch of all the dry ingredients and bagged it up in individual servings.  Then there’s the bacon, sprouted grain toast, a strawberry/cream cheese/pecan dessert, and buns and muffins from the Smart Baking Company. I absolutely love their products. At least the sesame buns, chocolate chip muffins, and banana muffins, which are the ones I’ve tried so far. That was an affiliate link, by the way. Learn more about it here.

Back to the group though. Right now, the plan includes joining one of the weekly challenges.

The challenge? To eat veggies three times a day. And one of them should be … gulp/gag … okra.

I did buy another bag of frozen, sliced okra last week. I figure as far as paying for stuff to fill my kitchen trash bin, it’s quite reasonably priced. Because, though my intentions are always good when I buy it, it still winds up in there.

But now, because I want to be on board with the challenges, to be one of the gang, I realize I’m at least going to have to open this bag. And then I’m going to have actually throw some in my blender, make the recommended ‘shake,’ and take at least a sip of it.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to this experience. Seriously. I can’t, because it would be a lie. I am so NOT looking forward to it … but I am going to give it a try. And who knows? Maybe I’ll like it.

Never say never, right?

Anyway, it’s April, and that means Camp NaNoWriMo is here again. I’m hoping to kick this writer’s block to the curb (finally!), and finish those three books that have been so close to being finished for such a long time. And so, I’m going to leave you with a favorite song that’s on tonight’s playlist…

Gotta drool over a clean-shaven Barry Gibb sometimes, right? 🙂 

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