The Blog Box … and BIG News!!!

Over the past ten years, I’ve tried more times than I can remember to try and focus on one or two subjects. My intentions are always good, and I really do try, but… I get bored. And then I start finding excuses to postpone writing the post. And then I don’t post anything, and before I know it, weeks (or even months) can pass.

So… I’m breaking out of the blog box I put myself in. Again. But I’m giving in early, before I get burned out. And… I’m going to post whatever I want, just like I’ve done most of the time since I started this journey.

Maybe there will still be Just for Fun Friday or Take Some Time Tuesday posts. But maybe I’ll do Writing Update Wednesdays, Sweetheart Saturdays, or Mishmash Mondays posts too. And I’ll probably be just as surprised as you are about the topics in each one. After all, I AM the Queen of Procrastination, which means I’ll be scrambling for ideas up until the last possible second.

I’m not scrambling today though. Nope. Today, I’m so happy I could dance!

Why? Because … finally … I’ve finished the first draft of (working title) Quinn’s Book. If you’ve read any of the books in the Royal Sweethearts Series, you might remember Quinn McMahon as one of the hunky guards. (Affiliate link warning. Click here to find out more about that.)

I’ll probably share the real title and cover with my newsletter subscribers, along with some sneak peeks, so if you’d like to see those things, click here to subscribe.

Right now, it’s time to start editing. And outlining book five. 🙂

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