Discipline & Planners

Discipline? Something I lack a good portion of the time. 

Planners? Something I own too many of – and don’t utilize often enough.

Nope. There were no new blog posts this past week. I do have a couple of excuses this time. Sort of even legitimate excuses. I wound up sitting through two training webinars (one of them twice), and taking about twelve hours worth of notes.

I also spent countless hours working on these … until three-thirty in the morning a couple of nights. I spent so long working on them, in fact, that two days later, my right hand, elbow, and shoulder still ache. But they’re finished. What do you think?

Yup. Based on some expert advice, the Coach’s Boys have new covers. At least the digital books. I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out. By the way, affiliate link alert. Click here to learn more about them.

Based on more good advice (yes, from the webinars), I’m trying to figure out a schedule that will work for me. 

Part of that includes taking to heart the fact that I set way too many goals, likely in an effort to try and make up for lost time. Goals that, deep down, I know I can’t do, because there are always so many, I’d need to clone myself at least once to accomplish them all.

There’s also the fact that looking at the endless lists tends to be discouraging, and I get burned out before getting much done. And so I get nothing done. I tell myself that I will, but then I get lost in ‘busy’ work instead of real work. And I’m just really tired of failing all the time.

And so… I’m going to set a realistic schedule, which is harder than I thought it would be. Last night, I had to stop working on it when I realized the list was getting out of control again. Tonight, I’m going to narrow the tasks down to something I’ll actually have a chance to succeed at.

I used to love a saying about shooting for the moon … because even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars. It sounds really good, but for me, it tends to be more than a little overwhelming. So, at least until I establish winning habits again, I’m aiming a little lower – for doable goals and not pipe dreams. And maybe, for the first time in too long, I’ll have some exciting news in the not too distant future.

By now, you know I like to try and find songs that reflect my feelings on most subjects. After listening to way too many today, I’m falling back on a favorite I’ve probably shared too many times. But, I need to get this posted because I’ve got some editing to do. 🙂

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