3 AWOL Reasons, Newsletter News, & the Prequel is Done!


I was doing so much better at getting regular blog posts up for a few months, and then… Well, here come the excuses. I could milk it for more, but am limiting it to three.

  1. A couple of sad anniversaries that almost always put me in a funk.
  2. A funk that had me leaping like an Olympic hurdler off the low carb wagon.
  3. A sugar and carb generated fugue that settled over me like a comforting blanket, making anything that resembled work look like … well … too much work to be bothered with. Especially blogging, writing, and editing.

Like I said, I could toss in a few more – like a new kitten that bounces off the walls and hangs from the chandeliers. Okay, so I don’t have any chandeliers – but if I did, Loki would find a way.

And I won’t mention the five now full grown chickens that wake me up way too early because they sound like a huge flock geese heading south for the winter (Every. Single. Morning.), but I won’t.

And they’re not necessary anymore anyway. Common sense finally kicked in and, after dragging my exhausted, energy-less behind back upon the wagon, I’m starting to feel less like a sloth and more like a human again.

And … I’ve finally finished editing the Weko Harbor prequel! In case you didn’t know, the prequel will be free to all of my newsletter subscribers – past and future. At least past subscribers who actually open my newsletters will be able to get the link. Newsletters I’m aiming to send out every 3-4 weeks … hopefully, starting soon. The story still has to go to beta readers, and I will need to fix any problems they find, but then … it’s going to go out to all of you!

One of my favorite ‘songs’ – and a bit of reward when I feel like I need one.

A word about the newsletters though…

I’ve only ever used the a newsletter tracking feature to figure out who only signed up for a freebie. And believe me, while I love being able to give away things like the prequel away, sending newsletters can get a bit pricey. That means having the ability to remove the people who don’t really want to be on it can save me money. 

Starting today though, laws regarding email tracking (or rules, I’m not really clear on that) have changed. Now, there will be no way to know who really wants the newsletters and who does not. So, authors need to depend on those who don’t want to be there to remove themselves. Therefore…

One day in the not too distant future, I will – for a period of about a month – try to remember to send one email a week. Believe me, it is not something I look forward to doing. So, for those of you who DO want my newsletters, please be patient and know that this won’t continue for long. Those who do not want to be there should unsubscribe in droves, and then I’ll drop back to what I hope is roughly a once a month average.

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