Happy Taste Buds, My View, & an Update or Few

If you’ve been around a while, you know I tend to like eating low carb – specifically, the Trim Healthy Mama diet (affiliate link alert – learn more about those here). A week or so ago, someone shared a link for a a low carb/keto version of Zuppa Toscana soup. It looked delicious, and this afternoon, I finally made a pot of it. A small pot because I’ve learned that while some foods look amazing, they don’t always taste amazing. So now, I tend to make half a recipe. This time, I’m kind of sorry I did. Have a look…

Paired with a small slice of sourdough bread (and a little bit more soup when I was finished), I couldn’t be happier with this meal.

Well, technically, I could. I don’t care for Italian sausage, so I used smoked turkey sausage – and it was seriously delicious! However … as a long time chicken lover, when I make a full pot in a few days, I might try that instead. Since I’m making really good progress with the editing, I want to have a stash of heat and eat meals in the freezer so I don’t have to worry about cooking something for just me. And I don’t want to eat off plan either.

This stuff is so good!

But speaking of editing, I’ll share my view and playlist with you. The playlist that I put on along with beach sounds. It helps put me in the beachy, tourist town mood. And since the new series is set in a beachy touristy town … well… It works for me.

Oops! I forgot to put my glasses on. Okay, I blurred a lot of stuff out. I don’t want to get into any copyright trouble, so my view is much clearer than this. But I do keep a file with photos to represent my characters on the left, and something to represent the area in which my characters live on the right. For the Royals series, it’s something else entirely. (This is also an affiliate link – and don’t forget, the first book in the series is free!). The actual manuscript … unfortunately, I’m not making any part of that public until the book is published.

Published??? When???

I flatly refuse to set at date at this point, though it’s looking like MID-TO LATE OCTOBER!!!!


The prequel is finished!!! I’m not kidding! It’s going to be free too – but only to newsletter subscribers. Not quite yet, but within a couple of weeks, current subscribers will get a link to download it, and new subscribers should get it right after they sign up. So if you want to meet (and get to know) some of the stars of the new series, keep checking back for updates.

And now, my playlist. I’d never heard of ‘yacht rock’ until last year, but after doing some research – and listening to a lot of songs, I made my own yacht rock writing playlist. I have to keep the volume way down when I’m not listening to Canon in D and River Flows in You, but sometimes, I just need something to help get me in a romantic mood to write. Here are just a few of my favorites. And yes, I AM a James Taylor fan. 🙂

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