The Weko Harbor Gazette, Edition 4

I’m having so much fun working on Quinn’s book! I never suspected, when I wrote A Prince on the Run, that he would one day be the star of his own book. Of course, I didn’t know that Nolan or Fin would have their own stories either. And yet, here we are. Full disclosure – those are affiliate links. Learn more about those by clicking here.

Did you know you can also get A Prince on the Run and The Physician to the King in audible form – but under their original titles? Yup. Laying Low in Paradise (Cam) and A Cool Summer in Paradise (Nolan). Unfortunately, the narrator for that series wasn’t able to do Fin’s book. Someday, I hope to make that happen though.

The reason I mention this series is because if you haven’t read the first three, you’re probably not going to love Quinn like I do. 🙂

But enough of that! Here’s the latest Weko Gazette installment. 


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