An ADD Kind of Day

I know people think I’m joking when I say I think I’ve developed Adult Onset ADD. I’m not even sure there is such a thing, but if there is, I have it.

Today is a perfect example of why I believe that’s true.

While skimming through a few Facebook posts, I saw where someone mentioned ‘Crepe Myrtle.’ Of course, that immediately reminded me of of The Dad Life Video, which mentions Crepe Myrtle at around :57 seconds in…

This video just cracks me up. Manscape. And it only took me two years to figure out what one of the dad’s said when a salesman tried to interest me in a flats screen Vizio television. ‘Fifty inch Vizio…

Anyway, I can’t watch a YouTube video without glancing at the right column … where there was another ‘Dad’ video with a parody of the ‘N Sync song, Bye, Bye, Bye.

So then, of course, I had to watch a few ‘N Sync videos…

I LOVE J.C.’s smile at :50 seconds in. If videos were vinyl records, this one would skip at that place because I have to keep replaying it.


I can’t watch ‘N Sync videos without watching some Backstreet Boys videos…

Is there anything as sexy as Kevin in the sexy, shiny black outfit?

Why yes, yes there is. Kurt Browning in his shiny, sexy outfit.

Please note that I said ‘as’ sexy, not sexier.

Unfortunately, that reminded me of a video where Kurt is wearing shiny glasses…


Which then reminded me of Kevin’s shiny face…


And because they incorporated so many ‘scary’ elements in the video reminded me that a Matchbox Twenty song makes me dizzy because I’m so afraid of heights.


And now I’m not sure I’ll ever get any work done today…

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