An Example of What Can Happen When I’m Too Tired

I’m in the middle of some major editing this week, so trying to come up with a new blog post just isn’t happening. So I was scrolling through the ones I wrote during my first few months as a blogger…and laughed when I found this one from July 23, 2011. By the time you finish it, you’ll be thanking God I didn’t feel a calling to become a poet. 🙂


It’s true.  It usually happens when I’ve had an especially long day, and am so tired I should just go to bed…but I don’t.  When that happens, my weird side comes bursting through in all it’s glory.

Yesterday was such a long and busy day I actually thought it was Saturday at one point (so glad it’s not because I like weekends!).  So I was exhausted from all the running around and activities and must have been in the just the right frame of mind when my daughter came out of the bathroom giggling about ‘fighting spiders on the wall.’

Don’t ask me why, because I really can’t say, but just the way she worded it reminded me of a song I’ve heard maybe half a dozen times throughout my life.  And since I’m stuck for a better subject today, I’m going to share with you my goofier side.  Keep in mind that I’m not a poet, but I just couldn’t resist trying to come up with a little song about the fighting spiders.

It’s two stanzas short of the original song, but it would be sung to “The Green Berets” tune….

Fighting spiders, on the wall
Hit them hard and watch them fall.
Nasty bugs, they’re such a pest,
Now they’re dead, it’s for the best.

Little monsters, they scare you.
Don’t feel bad, they scare me, too.
But when one, invades your house,
Be really glad, it’s not a mouse.

So hit those spiders, on the wall.
Squish them good, so they can’t crawl.
For if you don’t, give them a smack,
They might become, your midnight snack.

Little monsters, they scare you.
Don’t feel bad, they scare me, too.
But when one, invades your house,
Be really glad, it’s not a mouse.

And now that I’ve slaughtered a really nice, patriotic song, here’s the link to the video.

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  1. You are such a goofball and I love you for it! I’m going to be chanting that poem in my mind all night. Thankyouverymuch.

    1. Hey, Elvis. I definitely have my moments…and the less sleep I have, the more frequent the moments. 😀

      I had forgotten all about that poem…and it was going through my head off and on all day. 🙂

  2. The poem was funny, but then you made me cry cause I had to watch the video cause I couldn’t pull the song out of the memory banks.

    So here’s to DEAD spiders may they take the place of soldiers and bring them home (the soldiers) safely and soon.

    1. Some people choose photos for songs really well, don’t they? There isn’t much about soldiers and veterans that doesn’t make me tear up.

      And yes…replace all soldiers with spiders…and they can draft the spiders from my house first. 😀

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