Good Morning, Weko Harbor! 6/14/23

Goooood morning, Weko Harbor! Joss here with another Monroe Minute.

It’s been a while, but it’s good to be back and ready to keep you up to date with what’s happening.

First off, as the great Alice Cooper might say, school’s out for summer. Students, don’t forget the 25% discount on season passes for the water park ends at midnight Thursday. Rich Deason says you can order them online until eleven-fifty-nine. But at the stroke of midnight, kiddos, that ship will sail, and you’ll be like Cinderella with no ballgown, no glass slipper, and no carriage. 

Next up – Beachy Bargains is running their final winter clearance on Saturday. Fill any plastic grocery bag with as much winter apparel as you can stuff in it – and still hold the handles – for $5.00.

And finally, now that summer has arrived (for the most part), the Friday farm market and concerts in Chandler Park are back! This week’s band will be Storm Walker and the Jazzmen. Word on the street is that the Surf ‘n Soda Shack will be serving up BLT or pulled pork sub sandwiches, chips, and strawberry shortcake, so don’t forget to pay the food truck a visit.

Now, a couple of things from Kristy. She’s got another freebie for you, this one is one of her time-travel romances. If that’s something you enjoy, get your copy by clicking here: Holding on to Yesterday

She also says to remind you that if you haven’t picked up your free copy of Hard Goodbyes and New Beginnings, just click here:

She also told me that as soon as she figures out what’s up with the software she used to upload the free audio version of A Country Love Story on YouTube (, she’ll be adding His Broken Heart and … can you believe this?! … The Daddy Pact. All free. She says there will be more too. After she figures out why the software stopped working. 

But now I’m outta here. Have a great day! I’ll leave you with this … my wish for Kristy. Which is great because the quicker you write the books on your list, the quicker you’ll get to mine, right?  


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Monday Fun Day #2

Hey, all… I’m trying to get on a better schedule. I also needed to find another site that makes a list of words into the puzzles. So here’s the second one. Hope you enjoy it! In case I didn’t mention it, all the words will have something to do with my books. 🙂

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Oops! Forgot to Post the Key…

Yeah, I know. I’ve been described as an airhead on numerous occasions, and in this instance, it’s accurate. In my defense, I’ve been sorting through TONS of story notes in hopes of finishing book 2 in the Double M series in the next few weeks. And then book 3 in the Weko Harbor series out by this fall. And trying to figure out which book might be best for Christmas. In addition to trying to do better with the website, social media, and newsletter.

Just a teensy, tiny bit overwhelmed right now – but getting more organized by the day. More of my books are also in other stores now. Click here to get another one for FREE.

Yup. That makes The Daddy Pact, A Prince on the Run, and Holding on to Yesterday perma-free now … with a couple more to come in the next week or so. And you can listen to A Country Love Story free on YouTube. When I can figure out a glitch in the software I use to make YouTube videos, there will be more free audio books too – including The Daddy Pact and A Prince on the Run.

Anyway, here’s the key to last week’s word search. Hope you had fun with it. 🙂

Until next time, have a great week! 

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Let’s Make Monday a Fun Day!

While working on the third book in the Weko Harbor series, as well as book 2 in the Double M series (now a spinoff of the Weko Harbor series), I’ve also been sorting and organizing a mountain of story notes, handwritten scenes, and dictated scenes I emailed to myself. Among the notes was a reminder I don’t recall writing to myself – to do story related word searches. So I did.

I’ll post the answer key next week. Let me know what you think about it. If you enjoyed it. If you’d like more of this kind of thing on the website. Cause – you know – the comments section below is there for a reason. I’d love to hear your thoughts on things like this – and anything else you want to share about the site, the books, or whatever. As long as it’s G-rated. 🙂

Oh! And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter if you want a FREE copy of Hard Goodbyes and New Beginnings … the prequel for the Weko Harbor Series (Loser Wins the Girl, The Bell Ringer’s Christmas, and Josh). The newsletter is where I’ll also post the login code for the VIP page, where you can get your FREE copy of the Cooking with the Coach’s Boys (and other free offers from time to time)

*Editing to add that if you can’t print the puzzle, it can be pasted in Paint. That’s what I did to test it out. Then I used the thinnest red line to mark the words out.

This video is AMAZING! And I only just found it to share with you! So, do what she says, select the puzzle, open Paint, paste it in, then start finding the words. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know how you could do this on a phone or tablet. 🙁

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How Successful People Develop Self-Discipline

Miracles Happen, Right?

Successful people do what the experts recommend. Experts like the authors of books such as: ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘ (Stephen Covey), ‘The Millionaire Next Door‘ (Thomas J. Stanley), ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘ (Robert Kiyosaki), and a plethora of others that are full of fabulous advice. I’ve also read countless books like these, and have enjoyed every one of them. Applying the advice though? That’s another thing entirely. (*quick note: the links above are affiliate links – learn more about those by clicking here)

Why? Everything between the covers boils down to self-discipline. The ability to figure out what you want – and then to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I always start out with good intentions, determined to make it work ‘this time.’ I’ll research everything I can find to back up and drive home what I just read. To ‘make it happen.’ But two hours later, I’m watching REO Speedwagon videos because something in an article so far removed from what I originally started searching for reminded me of one of their songs.

So what’s a girl to do???

I finally realized that what works for a lot of people might not be an ideal solution for me. Or – maybe – I just need to think of the solution in a different way.

In the same way the word ‘resolution’ sets me up for failure every January, I realized it’s basically the same thing with the term, ‘self-discipline.’ Kind of like the proverbial bull and red flag – only exactly the opposite. Instead of running toward what I want (in the bull’s case, the flag), I read self-discipline … and head the other direction.

I also realized that there is one thing that does work for me …  a routine.

Routines? Seriously?

I know, right? It surprised me too since I’m not a lover of scheduling my days. I start off taking my thyroid medicine, then spend the hour until I can eat reading my bible and praying. If I veer too far from this routine, things get chaotic and stressful – in a big way.

Unfortunately, even when things aren’t chaotic and stressful, the rest of my days are entirely unstructured – and therein lies my problem. (refer to paragraph about about good intentions and REO Speedwagon if you doubt me)

And so, I’m aiming to solve this flaw that’s so much a part of me. I’m going overcome it. I’m going to get victory over it. In a hurry, too.

Why in a hurry?

Half a million words, that’s why.



Five-hundred-thousand words. By midnight on New Year’s Eve. That’s how many words I’ve committed to write between April first and the end of 2023. With 236 writing days (I take Sundays off every week), I’ll need to crank out 2,120 words a day.

Or at least that’s what I needed to do every day when I started writing this blog post.

Now I’m down to 209 writing days. In my defense, allergies have been kicking my butt, along with kind of ripping my throat up when a scare caused me to yell louder than I have since I was a teenager. But I’m finally on the mend and ready to try and hit the new daily goal of 2,367 words per day.

That’s not too bad, right. Not much more than the original one.

Will I succeed? I have no idea. I’m not going to hold my breath … but I am going to give it my best shot.

Except there will be no shot if I don’t come up with a routine. So, that’s another goal over the next couple of days – to figure out an easy to follow routine, to have that routine solidly established by the end of May – and to have at least 63,909 of those words crossed off the calendar.

So… Feel free to cheer me on, nag me I mean ask about my progress, or offer any advice that might help. Also, check out my Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and fun stuff – and don’t forget to like and comment on the posts (and share them too!). Facebook especially makes it hard for authors’ posts to reach their followers without interaction from fans of our books.

Also, in case you didn’t already know, newsletter subscribers get a free copies of Hard Goodbyes and New Beginnings (Weko Harbor prequel) and Cooking with the Coach’s Boys (which contains 50+ recipes – and notes from the cast of characters we all love so much). A heads up though – the cookbook may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t read the series yet, you might want to skip this for now. You’ll get the password for the VIP page on my website, which is where you’ll find the instructions for getting the cookbook, in future newsletters.

And now, it’s time for me to get busy and knock today’s writing goal out of the park! I’ll leave you with a song that tends to motivate me (yeah, I love me some Aerosmith sometimes) – and until I get a routine established, I need a bit more motivation.



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Good Afternoon, Weko Harbor! 3/1/22

Welcome back for another Monroe Minute! Joss here  – after a lengthy absence. I’m not really going to comment on the fact that it’s been more than seven months since Kristy’s done much with the blog. I will say that her reasons this time were legit. Mostly. A big part of those reasons was that she finished and published two new books near the end of 2022. 

And one of those books was set right here in Weko Harbor! Yup. Our very own Tara Nelson stars in The Bell Ringer’s Christmas. Then there was Quinn’s Saving Grace, the fourth installment in her Royal Sweetheart series. I’m not familiar with those stories, but they seem to have pretty good ratings. Technically, I’m not familiar with any of Kristy’s books because romance really isn’t my thing. She says that’s probably why I’m over forty and still single.

If you haven’t gotten your free copy of the Weko Harbor prequel, Hard Goodbyes and New Beginnings just sign up for Kristy’s newsletter (click here). If you don’t want to to get anymore updates in your email inbox, all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the newsletter and click ‘unsubscribe.’ But don’t do it until you get the prequel! And if you like the prequel, click home page on her website for links to get book one in the series – Loser Wins the Girl, The Bell Ringer’s Christmas, and Josh (first in The Men from the Double M, a Weko Harbor companion series)

Now that the plugs for Kristy are out of the way, there isn’t much to add today. It’s just been one of ‘those’ winters with. There’s a meme going around about Michigan throwing out temperatures like lottery numbers, and it’s very true. From single digits to the fifties. We have had some impressive gale warnings, and that brings out the local surfers. Yes, you heard me right. Google Great Lakes surfing, then click videos if you don’t believe me.

And… It’s time for me to get back to work. Here are a few of the songs I’ll be playing for Kristy’s writing pleasure tonight. She says to tell you she’s revamping a few chapters in book two of the Double M series (which will be the fourth Weko Harbor story) – and should be available early this spring.

She also says to remind you to get your free copy of the Weko Harbor prequel by clicking on the link above (or here). And that you can get a couple of her audible short stories free on Google Books. One of them is on her YouTube channel – with more to follow.

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Three Years … and Counting

The Phone Call That Changed My Life

Pretty much everyone on the planet is going to remember 2020 as the year Covid shut the world down. And I can see why. But that’s not why I remember it. At least it’s not the ‘big’ thing that happened to me that year. Nope. Three years ago today, I got the phone call – letting me know that I had skin cancer. (Technically, it’s a few minutes after midnight, so that anniversary was yesterday)

No big deal, unless ten days later you’re admitted to the hospital for severe abdominal pain – and four days after that, needing emergency surgery to save your life. Surgery that turned up a second kind of cancer. Both during the first two weeks of February that memorable year.

That’s also when I wound up with a temporary colostomy on one side of my stomach, and a surgical drain tube that somehow healed inside my colon on the other. Since I had both of them for a little over four months, it made clothing decisions interesting. Especially when I had to go out in public.

Three years later…

Things couldn’t have gone better for me following the first surgery, or the two that followed (one for the skin cancer, the other to reverse the colostomy and get rid of the drain tube). Even though the oncologist was 100% sure I’d need chemo, radiation, or both – I didn’t. I thank God for that, as well as my surgeon, of course.

As near as I can determine, there is a 90% five-year survival rate for people with the cancer I had. Those are pretty good odds, that’s for sure. But the closer I get to the five-year mark, the larger that 10% looms – and the more determined I am to make sure it never comes back.

Yes, I trust God – and pray daily for continued good health. But I also know I bear a responsibility to eat as well as I can. And from what I’ve read, I believe that low carb is the right choice for me. The Trim Healthy Mama plan, to be specific.


Because I don’t feel good when I eat too many carbs, healthy or otherwise. I feel like I’m starving all the time if I eat too many carbs too.

Then there’s the itsy bitsy little fact that sugar helps many cancers thrive.

Yeah, I know there are people on both sides of the will it/won’t it fence. I just happen to be on the side that believes it does. Not only does it make some cancers worse, sugar causes inflammation, which also contributes to cancer. And not just sugar either, but carbohydrates, which turn to glucose in your bloodstream. 

Don’t believe me?

Just do a simple Google search on the diet you’re supposed to follow prior to a PET scan. Then do another search for why you’re given glucose prior to that PET scan. Whether they come right out and say it or not, it’s all so the cancer cells will suck up the glucose so they can find it in the scans.

Even knowing – and believing – that, it still took me two years to totally eliminate sugar and high glycemic carbs from my diet. It was a roller coaster of on again/off again, but I finally got serious on May 16, 2022 – when my doctor wanted me on medication for high cholesterol and triglycerides. I was also pre-diabetic.

All of those results were from a March blood test. At that point, not wanting that medication, I made a better effort – not totally successful, but better – to clean my diet. And when the follow up test in May showed all of my results in the normal range, I knew I wanted to keep them there.

I Almost Ate a Snicker’s Candy Bar Tonight

I came about this close >< to caving and having my first sugary candy bar in almost nine months. Seriously. That tiny space between the points of those two arrows? I came closer than that. Knowing what I know (and believe), sugary foods can still have an amazingly strong pull on me.

So far though, I’ve never given in. And I don’t intend to either. Ever. Because I’m going to continue trusting God to keep me healthy … and I’m going to appreciate it and take as good care of myself as I can.

I Could Have Died Three Years Ago

And I will never forget how it could have turned out. That’s why I’ll probably always have something to say about it on (or near) these three ‘anniversaries.’ Life is too short as it is. Take care of yourself. You’re worth it. And remember…

Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels!

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8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Writer

When you decide that the writer’s life is the life for you, you step into it wearing rose colored glasses. Reality can’t possibly factor into the life of a fiction writer, right? Wrong. Not only does it factor in, but the realities of writing can sometimes hit you like a Mack truck, reminding you in a hurry that writing isn’t all unicorns, fairy dust, and chocolate frosted brownies.

So, knowing what I know now, what would Kristy 2.0 have to say to teenage Kristy?

1. You’re Just a Storyteller

When the writing bug first hit – in a serious kind of way, rather than just dabbling with it – I wasn’t any different than all the other first time writers. I dreamed of writing novels that would impress people around the world. Of being presented with a Nobel Prize – and every other award designed to rank me ‘up there’ with the greatest writers throughout history. It didn’t take long to realize though that very few of us (including me) will ever hit those heights.

But that’s okay. Whether fame, fortune, and prizes ever come with the territory for me, the stories that live in my head still need to be told. And I need to start getting them out of my head on a more regular basis because it’s getting kind of crowded in there.

2. Perfectionism Comes With a Price

And that price is stress, stress, and more stress. I can write and rewrite scenes a million times, but no matter how much I might hope that every word that appears on my computer screen is literary gold, they’re not going to be. So I have to keep reminding myself that at some point, my best is just going to have to be good enough, release each story into the world, and move on to the next one.

3. There’s More to Writing Than Writing

A whole lot more. There’s getting to know my characters. There’s outlining. Fifteen-year-old Kristy had zero clue about that. I tended to run with the first ideas that came to mind, not realizing until a couple of decades later that ‘pantsing’ is only sustainable for me for the first chapter or two. I need to put the preliminary work in so that when I sit down to write the story, I don’t find myself sweeping for cobwebs or organizing my desk after the initial enthusiasm fades away.

But that’s not all. Not by a long shot. Of course, if I’d known everything that was involved – having to learn about running a business, marketing, social media (a bit of a challenge for an introvert), websites, newsletters, and blogging, I might have run screaming in the opposite direction.

At that point though, it would have meant a career in law enforcement. Not being the bravest person on the planet… Yeah. That wouldn’t have worked out very well.

4. Burnout is a Very Real Thing

You work too hard for too long, often losing sleep to get everything done. There’s so much to worry about. The ads you sweated over for days were a flop. The book still isn’t selling as well as you’d hoped. The store where you have the most sales changed their algorithm again, and you have to figure out how to work with it and get those books selling again.

You don’t take the time to refill your creative tanks with reading, movies, and admiring the beauty and wonder of the world you live in. You don’t spend enough quality time with the people you love. You don’t take time for yourself period.

All you do is spend your time, energy, and attention on the books and business. Then, when the burnout hits (and trust me, it will!), it feels like you’ll never be able to pull yourself out of it. Been there, done that. More than once. And one of my goals is to never hit that kind of low again.

5. You’re Making Great Progress but … Squirrels!

There’s a reason all those stories you wrote in spiral notebooks as a teenager were never finished. You hit a snag in the plot, or there’s a problem with the hero or heroine you hadn’t planned on … and boom! One of the other stories that’s on your to-be-written list starts whispering your name, promising that it will be so much easier than the one that’s making you want to tear your hair out.

And when your to-be-written list is several dozen ideas long, you’ve got a lot to choose from. Yikes!

6. Success Depends on Finishing What You Start

Building on #5… When you’ve got several books in various stages of completion, stories that have been collecting dust in virtual files for a year, two years, or … longer, you start to wonder if you’ve lost the gift for writing. It’s scary to think of losing something you’ve loved, nurtured, and depended on since you were a kid.

Does it mean that you’re a failure? And if you are, what can you do next? Is there anything that can bring you the same joy as storytelling? Are you even qualified to do anything else? Probably not. So, time to buckle down, put on your big girl sneakers, and just do it!

This is something I’ve struggled mightily with the past few years. But I’m finally making progress. In just over a year’s time, I finished – and published – Loser Wins the Girl, Quinn’s Saving Grace, and The Bell Ringer’s Christmas. Next on the list is book two in the Men From the Double M series, Steven. When that one is finished, hopefully before spring arrives, I can start on new stories. Yay!

7. Life is Like a Dunk Tank

Another thing I’d never have guessed would have an impact on my writing life is … well … life. Life throws some major curve balls – straight at you. Health issues – for you and the people you care about. Financial concerns. Loved ones dying. Distractions of all kinds. And so many other things (and people!) needing your time and attention.

Things that make it hard to concentrate. Things that sap energy, that suck the motivation to do anything but simply try and survive each day right out of you. But you keep fighting. You tread water until you’re ready to pull yourself out of that tank and get on with the business of writing.

8. Appreciate Naps!

Why? Because adulting is rarely easy. Especially when your career choice has anything – and everything – to do with writing. The indie author road is rewarding, but full twists and turns, detours and dead ends, and frequent, unexpected surprises (not all of them pleasant). So, it can be very exhausting. To the point where even a ten-minute cat nap might be the only thing standing between getting that next sentence down – or having a major meltdown. A meltdown that includes tears, despair, and chocolate. Or popcorn. Or both.

So never turn down the shortest of naps. Or just lean back and close your eyes, breathe slowly, and relax for a few minutes. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your stories, right?

So Would I Have Done Anything Different if I’d Known?

I doubt it. Some people are born to be writers – and I’m one of them. I’ve been making up stories for as long as I can remember. First with dolls. Then with the goofy plays I wrote as a pre-teen. Then with Barbie and her pals. 

But when I got too old to play with Barbie dolls, the stories kept filling my head and I needed an outlet. That was creative writing. I wrote my first real story when I was fifteen, and I’ve been writing them ever since.

Writing is a gift. It’s what I do. What I’ll always do, at least as long as I’m able to get the words out on paper and digital files. And I hope I’ll be able to do that for a long time to come.

Oh! Before I forget… Are you subscribed to my YouTube channel? If you enjoy audio books, you should be. I’ve got a few things up, but have started putting up audible short stories. Well, technically, just one for now. But more will be following over the next few months, along with a couple of my novellas, and full-length novels. And they’re all going to be free! So click below to subscribe. And make sure to select all notifications so you’ll be among the first to know when new stories are posted!

Kristy’s YouTube Channel

You should also sign up for my newsletter! I share updates, new book releases, deals not available anywhere else, and links for FREE digital and audio books by other sweet romance authors. Just click here to sign up. You’ll receive a free copy of the Weko Harbor series prequel, Hard Goodbyes and New Beginnings.


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How to Live a Thousand Lives

According to George R.R. Martin, It’s as Easy as Opening a Book

Or a whole lot of them!

Welcome to Motivational Mondays!

As a child, and a teenager, I was shy. And I don’t mean your run-of-the-mill, garden variety shy either. I remember having one friend in grade school. One. Then hanging out at a table in the lunch room in junior high with other shy, not cool girls like me. Not really friends, but we knew one another’s names, so we didn’t have to eat alone. Fortunately, I was close with my sister and a couple of cousins. 

From about second grade on, I’ve tended to prefer the company of fictional characters over that of most other humans. The people who live in books have been – and still are – my friends. They’re always there. They don’t judge. And we’ve always have the best adventures! More importantly, they helped to keep the loneliness at bay. They still do.

(For the record, I eventually outgrew the extreme shyness, though I remain most comfortable in small groups.)

Throw a Dart at a World Map…

…and I’ll bet there’s a story set wherever it lands. Just off the top of my head, I know I’ve visited – and learned about – Australia, Ireland, England, Paris, Italy, Canada, many of the United States, and even Mars. I’ve enjoyed islands, beaches, small towns, big cities, and places so far off the beaten path, it’s a miracle anyone could ever find them.

Through the wonderful written word, I’ve traveled in rockets, airplanes, cruise ships, trains, horses, and stagecoaches. I’ve experienced different customs, cuisines, fashions, and traditions. I’ve lived in cramped apartments, suburban houses, and mansions.

Don’t Have the Time or Money to Take a Vacation? 

Wherever you’d like to go, a book can transport you there – and at bargain prices. Books will expand your horizons, make you think, make you cry, infuriate you, and often leave you wearing a mysterious smile long after you’ve turned the last page.

I don’t know if George R.R. Martin was the first person to say, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” Whether he did, or did not, it’s true.

But- But- What About the Movie?

I’m not knocking movies. Believe me, I’m not. In fact, I’m a fan of a fair number of them. But if you read “the story” before you see “the movie,” you’re always going to be let down because scripts leave out too many important parts. If you see the movie first, sometimes, it’s hard to get into the book.

There are only two times recall movies doing the books justice – The Host, by Stephenie Meyer (bookmovie), and The Martian, by Andy Weir (bookmovie). Those were affiliate links, by the way. Learn more about them by clicking here.

While I enjoyed reading and watching them,  the books offered so much more detail – and kept me enthralled for many hours longer than the movies. It’s kind of like the difference between a quick trip to town after you forgot a gallon of milk – and a leisurely drive up M-37 during October, enjoying the fall colors, and stopping at interesting places along the way.

Shameless plug…

As much as I love reading, I think I love writing even more. And my stories take you from a small town in lower Michigan (the Coach’s Boys series), to islands in northern lower Michigan and just south of Greenland (the Royal Sweethearts series), to the Lake Michigan coast (the Weko Harbor series) … and more! (those are affiliate links too, as are the ones below – sorry, FTC rules require I disclose this information to you)

Almost all of my books can be read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription! You can even try it free for 30 days. For fast readers, 21 of my books are available in Kindle Unlimited (hint, hint 🙂 ). Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. You can get free Kindle reading apps for pretty much any kind of digital device too!

Whatever you read, however you read it, I hope you find some time this week to escape. To take a brief vacation. To just get away and relax for a while – in the pages of your favorite books!

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Why I Believe Sugar Feeds Cancer…

…And Why I Think You Should Believe it Too

Fitness Friday!

A Romance Author’s Quest to Get Fit on the Cheap

I first discovered the sugar-cancer connection when my dad was diagnosed with ‘cancer of unknown origins’ in 2002. Given the symptoms, and where the cancer was located, it was likely Mesothelioma, but people in the medical field – at least then – didn’t like to open that can of worms.

Dad was given six months to a year, even with chemo and radiation. He lived thirteen months, so we got a little bonus there. During that time, he craved sweets like mad. Based on the countless hours of research my sister and I did, it became obvious why that happened.

Fast Forward to 2020 and My Surprise Cancer Diagnosis

Technically, I was diagnosed with two different kinds of cancer within two weeks. Skin and colon. Thank God they found mine much earlier than my father’s. I didn’t need chemo or radiation – for which I’ll be forever grateful.

I’ll also be doing everything in my power to make sure I don’t have a recurrence – or any other kind of cancer. At least as much as it’s in my power to prevent it. Hence, my renewed focus on diet and health, with that focus being largely on a low carb, low glycemic, gluten free lifestyle.

So Why DO I Believe in the Sugar-Cancer Connection?

For many reasons. Many studies. Studies many traditional scoff at. So, for today’s purposes, I’ll focus on a single reason. And that is the protocol for having a PET scan to try and detect cancer. Click here for the Henry Ford Health System PET scan instructions.

In a nutshell, you eat a low carb/keto diet the day before the scan, and then nothing but maybe a couple of saltine crackers, if you need to take a medication with food. Your blood glucose level will be tested. If it’s too high, your scan will likely be rescheduled. If it’s fine, you’ll be injected with … “radioactive sugar.”


Did you know my novel, Holding Out for Love deals with cancer? So does A Fine Mess, which I wrote as a kind of ‘what if’ based on my dad. Though I did make the mother in that story the cancer patient. It would have been too hard emotionally if I’d made the heroine’s dad the sick one. Click the titles to check them out! (these links are affiliate links, learn more about them by clicking here)


Why a Low Carb Diet – Followed by Radio Active Sugar?

Based on all of the research I did in 2002/03, and then since my cancer ‘adventure,’ I believe it’s because cancer does thrive on sugar/glucose. That’s why patients are instructed to avoid all foods that make glucose in the body the day of (and the full day before) the PET scan. The cancer cells need to be starving for the fuel they need to grow and spread. That way, when the radioactive sugar is injected, the hungry cancer cells will suck it up before most healthy cells can.

This is why I’m determined to make low carb my permanent lifestyle. The Trim Healthy Mama (aka THM) (another affiliate link) low carb diet, to be specific. I never want a repeat. It took more than two years since the last surgery (to reverse the colostomy I needed for four months after the cancer was removed) before I committed to low carb 100%. But now that I am – 111 days into it now – it’s normal.

The foods I can have make me happy. The foods I can’t have? Most of the time, I’m fine with it. The cravings are mostly gone. Every now and then though, I get an annoying craving for macaroni and cheese. But, I never give in. And as with most things I love, I will find a satisfying substitute.

Why Did I Share This With You Today?

First, my dad died on August 30, 2003 – Labor Day weekend that year. So … memories. Then, there’s the fact that we all know people who have lived – or died – with cancer. And, finally, the diet/cancer connection made the news again this week (click here for one article).

Like the old saying goes, ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ So if you’re reading this and thinking maybe you’d like to eat a healthier, cancer-UNfriendly diet, or learn more about it, please feel free to share in the comments section of this (and future) blog posts. We can cheer one another on!

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