A Duh Moment

Stephen King says, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

A side of Mr. King and Dave Berry you might not have seen before as they sing and play their little hearts out in the Rock Bottom Remainder band (to raise money for charities).

If anyone had asked me, over the past several years, I’d have said I’d read a lot of books. And it would be true. But being really honest, ninety percent of them were books on writing, marketing, social media, and all things related to the business of writing.

Sure, I seemed to go in streaks. I read a Carol Moncado series in a short period of time. I read The Morganville Vamprie series. And single, standalone books like The Martian, The Host, a few David Baldacci stories, and more. But when you add those kinds of books up over the past seven years, it’s not that many. Certainly not a book a month most of the time and sadly, not even close to some quality reading time every single day.

Periodically, I’ll realize my creative tank is running on fumes and I’ll binge read a book or few, but then it’s right back to business.

I’m determined to not let that happen again. I love reading. I have since I was in the first or second grade. Maybe earlier than that. I miss reading. And I’m going to make it a part of my daily life again.

For a while lately, I’ve been writing and taking story notes while my daughter and I run errands. It’s really interesting trying to write by hand in a notebook on Michigan washboards roads. But I was getting a lot done. And when I wasn’t, I was reading … you guessed it, books on one part or another of the business. 

But I’ve decided enough is enough. Reading for pleasure is critical for a writer. I mean critical.

Can you imagine trying to clean your house, do the laundry, or work your nine-to-five job if you never ate? Or slept? You might be able to do them for a few hours. Maybe even a day or so, but you can’t keep spending your physical energy without replacing it with new calories and nutrition.

That’s what trying to create stories is like for a writer who isn’t reading for pleasure.

And so I’m going to read books. I’m going to listen to books. Every. Single. Day. For the past several days, I’ve been listing to a long time favorite, Alas, Babylon (narrated by Will Patton – swoon! And that’s an affiliate link – click here to read more about them). I’ve also been reading the Kindle version of The Martian for the second time (another affiliate link but whoa! It’s on sale for $2.99 today!).

What are you reading? And how do you make sure to find time to read every day? Or at least often?

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This Crazy Publishing World

Crazy doesn’t seem to quite cover what’s been happening lately. If any of you have been following the goings on at in the world of books lately, you might have heard of stuffers, scammers, rank stripping, paid for reviews that are causing the removal of legitimate reviews, and accounts being shut down. And it mostly seems to be happening on Amazon.

Why there? I suspect it’s because they have the largest selection of books online and these criminals feel it’s an easier place to commit their crimes. The more books to choose from, the less likely theirs are to stand out.

Whatever the reason, the attempts to stop these individuals are hurting many writers whose books are in KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited. They’re also hurting a fair number of readers who pay for Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. 

Amazon is working hard to stop all of the illegal activities but the bots created to find the scammers sometimes flag innocent authors and readers whose accounts can then be, without warning, closed.

What does that mean? Quite simply, losing an account means losing all of your digital content. Kindles will become dust collectors because all of your books will be gone. And your music and video libraries? Gone too.

Authors risk losing all of that – plus their income. And if that happens, it’s all of their income.


To provide their books to Kindle Unlimited, authors have to be in KDP Select – meaning they can’t sell their digital books anywhere else. Given all that’s going on right now, it doesn’t make good business sense to do that anymore.

Many have already pulled everything out of Select. Their books will still be available at Amazon, but they’re selling them at the other stores too.

Some are like me though, taking them out a little more slowly. I’ve got about  a dozen of my books in the major stores – Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords. I should have five more up in the next week or so, with the to follow by the end of the year. Hopefully.

If you’ve never shopped at the other stores, or your e-reader doesn’t currently support them, you can get free reading apps for all of the bookstores I listed in the last paragraph (link here). With the apps, you’re free to buy and read my books – and any others you want – anywhere you choose.

I’ll still be selling on Amazon – just not exclusively – as will many, many other authors. If you purchase your books there, I encourage you to check a couple of things first. If they’re over 1000 pages and aren’t single author bundles or multi-author boxed sets, they could belong to a book stuffer/scammer. Also, be sure to check the sample pages to make sure you’re getting well written stories. At least until the problems have been resolved. 


Oh! Before I forget, I have an author page on BookBub. I’d love it if you’d follow me there. The link is: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/kristy-k-james.

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Earlier this month, I celebrated my seventh year of blogging so sharing this again seems appropriate. I originally wrote it on May 21, 2012, not quite a year after I first started. It was to celebrate my 200th post. I’ve since published 483 more but this one was kind of fun. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Yup, sure enough.  Today marks my 200th blog here at WordPress.  Technically anyway. I started off blogging on my website…and quickly discovered that WordPress has more bells and whistles.  At the top of that list is the ability to post YouTube videos…and we all know I love doing that.

In fact, I’m going to post one now.  The song, by Five For Fighting, is titled, ‘100 Years.’  Since this is a blog about two hundred, I guess you’ll have to listen to it twice (okay, I’m kidding…you don’t have to listen to it twice).  It’s about how quickly time passes, and it surely does.  It seems like only a moment ago I was fifteen and falling in love with everything about writing.

The entire song is great but my favorite line is, ‘Chasing the years of my life.’

A tragedy nearly eighteen months ago reminded me of how short life is.   You can be here one day then, with no warning at all, be gone the next.   It was while still dealing with that last spring that I realized it was time to start pursuing some of my dreams.  They were moving farther away from me and it was time to catch up up to them.  And so I finally got serious about my writing, did some research…then kicked it all off with a bang.  I mean a blog.

Now, with my first year blogging anniversary coming up on June 6th, I’ve been looking back at some of my early posts. I had to chuckle when I got to the first one.   Of course it was about a subject near and dear to my heart…my septic tank.  Nothing like putting my best foot forward.

It’s been a great experience for me though.  I’ve been able to ‘meet’ and get to know some awesome readers and writers, and I wouldn’t trade my life today for anything in the world. (Well, maybe I’d trade it for Bruce Willis or Jeffrey Dean Morgan…)

In honor of my 200th post, I thought I’d see if I could find some interesting facts about the number 200.  And what I came up with was definitely interesting.

According to The Telegraph:

One quarter of the world’s wealth is controlled by 200 companies.  I think I would like to own one of those companies.

Pony Express riders averaged 200 miles per day.  Ouch.  That is all.  Just…ouch.

Dandelion flower heads produce 200 seeds.  Given the abundance of bright yellow weeds scattered all over my yard between mowings, I am not surprised to learn this.

Each year 200 Japanese execs kick the bucket while golfing.  Wonder what kind of betting goes on before those games?  “Five hundred on Hiroshi.  Yeah, heart attack at the sand trap.”

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death, Triumph International, the second largest lingerie company in Japan, made a lighted bra that played Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  They erred just a little bit in thinking that Mozart wrote the tune.  Be fun to own the bra though, wouldn’t it?  You’d be the hit of any party you wore it to.

In the Old Testament, David accepted a challenge from Saul and basically stole 200 Philistine foreskins to claim his wife.  Wow.  How romantic.  Um…not!

Okay. That’s it for tonight. I’ve got to scrounge up a snack and then get to bed. Maybe I should skip the snack.

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I Love Audible Books!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click a product link and make a purchase, I’ll earn a few pennies but your price won’t change. Click here for details.

I never thought I’d say those words but after listening to Daniela Acitelli and Katie Welburn as they narrated my books, I changed my mind. I’ve since gotten one of my favorite Debbie Macomber series, Midnight Sons, Alas, Babylon (narrated by Will Patton!), another favorite since my sister stumbled on an old copy in the library. She thought I’d like it. She was right. Let’s see… I also have The Host, a couple of non-fiction books, and just got Under the Tuscan Sun tonight.

I have found, however, that there is a big difference between listening to a book and actually reading one. I know. That sounds like a ‘duh’ thing to say but it’s true.

With a ‘real’ book – I mean the kind I hold in my hands and read with my eyes, I can tune out the world around me. Maybe not a hundred percent. I mean, there’s a three-year-old living in my house so I still have to be alert to what she’s doing. But if she’s busy playing or watching nursery rhymes, I can get a little reading in. I’m still aware of what’s going on, but can still concentrate.

An audio book? Any sort of video, be it cartoons, something my son or daughter is watching, music competes with the narrator’s voice and I have to turn the book off. My brain just can’t focus on the chaos of too much noise.

And so I usually wait for everyone to go to bed. And then I’ll listen. I have a ‘date’ with Will Patton in a little while. I’ve never listened to Alas, Babylon before, though I’ve read the book a dozen times or more. I’ve had to replace it twice (thank you, God, for print-on-demand books!).

Have any of you gotten into the audible book craze?

I have most of the Coach’s Boys available, as well as the Casteloria books. I’m not sure why the distributor of the Casteloria books won’t change the covers since I’ve re-titled them so A Prince on the Run, The Physician to the Kind, and The Princess and the Bodyguard can only be purchased as Laying Low in Paradise, A Cool Summer in Paradise, and A Cold Day in Paradise. Until I can get ACX to actually make the change – which both Katie and I requested they do last year – it’s just going to be a little weird with that series.

I’m not 100% sure on this but it looks like if you buy (and maybe even own already) the books in these series’, you can get the audible versions for $7.49.  Except for Darby’s Dilemma, which is $1.99  and The Princess and the Bodyguard (formerly A Cold Day in Paradise). Unfortunately, Katie was unable to complete the series after Nolan’s book.

By the way… I’ll have some exciting news about this series soon!

And now, I’ve got about an hour before I go to bed. Do I listen to a little more of Alas, Babylon? Or do I finish watching the last thirty-nine minutes of Letters to Juliet? Decisions, decisions. 

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Happy Anniversary To Me!

Today is the seventh anniversary of my first Kristy K. James blog post, An Interesting Evening. While I could find the humor in what happened then, it’s a lot funnier today. Reading through it, I had to laugh. I thought about just reblogging it but given how hit and miss I’ve been with things for the past year, it seemed like a bit of a copout.

But what to write about? I’m pretty sure that somewhere in the nearly seven-hundred posts, I’ve covered that I started off writing plays when I was eight or ten. I’m also thinking I’ve mentioned that I started writing romance stories at fifteen because I missed playing with Barbie dolls.

I realized last week that I was wrong though. I actually started writing romance when I was fourteen. Not that it makes much difference but it’s a year longer than I thought.

That realization didn’t help with coming up with a new topic though, and then I realized the most fun thing I could do something I’ve seen done before, though mostly on talk shows. I’ll share the links for some of what, in my opinion, were my best and/or most fun posts.

But not before I say thank you. Thank you for sticking with me through the good times and the bad. Through the times when words and books flowed like April rain showers – and when the words are as hard to find a needle in a hay field. Not a haystack but a field. Kind of what this past year or so has been like, for books, the blog, and my social media sites.

Hopefully, that will all be changing. Soon. 🙂

Anyway, thank you again. Now here are a few links. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Misadventures in Home Ownership, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, deal with a city girl discovering that plumbing in the country is a whole lot different than plumbing in town.

This one seems appropriate because this August will be fifteen years since my dad died from cancer. It brings back good memories. And sad ones. And I still can’t listen to Dance With My Father Again without crying. Happy Birthday, Dad.

I think I’ll leave off with this last one. The Mirror of Your Life. Having my daughter and Aria living with me for nearly two and a half years has forced me to prioritize the most important things in life again. Family. Of course, I seem to go from one extreme to the other … all work or all ‘play.’ Right now, I’m trying to find a compromise, fitting together work and spending enough fun time with a toddler. Because writing is also one of my loves. Lower on the list than people, as it should be, but I still need to tell my stories. Both because if I don’t, they’re just stuck in my head and the characters drive me bonkers – and because I’d rather not have to get a day job. Writing doesn’t look that good on a resume. 🙂

And now, insomniac that I still am, it’s time to get a little more sleep. But I needed to celebrate this seventh anniversary. Thanks again, everyone.

I’ll leave you with this. I know I’ve said before that I’ve adopted this as my theme song but I plan to really embrace the message as my own this year. It’s time to kick this bout of writer’s block to the curb! 2018. More books, more blog posts, more social media.

And more sleep. 😀

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Do I Have An Inner Extrovert Screaming To Get Out?

This video is cute but I have to say it’s pretty much the same in Michigan.

I’ve always considered myself an introvert. I need quiet time – and lots of it. I avoid phones like the plague. Too much noise, too much chaos, too much ‘people time’ and stress starts to build like pressure in an active volcano.

I can be sociable for a while. It’s more comfortable when it’s with a small group of people, preferably one-on-one, and with those I know fairly well. But when I’m done socializing, I’m done. I don’t want to talk anymore. I don’t want to be wherever I am. I just want to go home for some of that calm, restorative quiet I mentioned above.

That said, I find myself having the most interesting conversations with people I don’t know. My daughter once noted how weird that is. Once, referring to a very quiet cashier she said, “I’ve never seen him talk to anyone but you. And there’s that woman at the other store too. You’re the only one she talks to.”

And then there are days like today…

We went to a local store to pick up some things we needed. And some things we didn’t need but hey, my daughter loves to shop and while I’m following her around, I tend to find things I wouldn’t otherwise see – like the Ozark Trail 20 oz stainless steel tumbler that promises to keep drinks cold. With summer fast approaching, you know I had to have them. And they were on clearance for $5.00 each. Win for me! (By the way, that was an affiliate link. If you click on it and buy something at Amazon, I will make a small commission but your price won’t change. Read about it in my Terms of Service)

So anyway, we finally made it back to the van. While my daughter buckled Aria in the car seat, I got in the passenger seat and rolled the window down. After more than an hour of shopping, my feet hurt.

While sitting there, an ornery looking woman stood next to the car beside us, waiting for her elderly mother who was pushing their cart to the corral (she refused to let her daughter do it). As the woman stood there she said, “It’s too hot.”

Me being me, I said, “I know. I’m already missing snow and windchills.”

We then had a very nice conversation about how we’re in the minority and can’t talk about how much we hate hot weather because the summer loving majority don’t care for those who prefer cooler weather. By the time we pulled out, not only was the ornery expression gone but she’d even smiled and laughed a few times – especially when I told her I have an aunt who seems to blame me for winter.

Sometimes, I think there really is an extrovert hiding somewhere inside me, fighting to get out. Other times, I wonder if something in my brain takes it as a challenge of some kind. “Not going to talk to me? We’ll see about that!” And then I think maybe it’s just that I don’t like to see people unhappy so I try to cheer them up.

Honestly, I don’t know. It depends on the day. It’s probably the second thing. I always have enjoyed a good challenge. 🙂

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Where Did April Go?!

I started the month out with some lofty goals, and I honestly intended to work hard at meeting them. But two things got in the way. First, the writer’s block I’ve been battling for the past couple of years reared its ugly head again. And second, there’s been some nail-biting things going on behind the scenes for many authors lately.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve spent a good portion of the month updating files and getting about half of my books into other online bookstores. Google was the final frontier for me and now they’re up there too. You can find them here.

I’ve been getting better sleep thanks to the Trim Healy Mama diet (affiliate link), when I’m not having to get up early for various appointments for my daughter and Aria. It was crazy this week and I’m hoping things slow down a bit for the next few weeks. I’m also hoping to kick the lingering burnout and writer’s block to the curb – once and for all.

I may wind up taking a page out of fellow author, Ruth Ann Nordin‘s book. She realized writing had become a chore because she was trying to ‘write to market,’ and putting stories out on an insane publishing schedule. Sometimes, that can work. Other times, it sucks all of the joy of creating stories out of an author. That’s where I’m at right now. Trying to find the joy again.

Throw in life and the fact that I chose to spend most of my time enjoying Aria the past couple of years (because time just passes way too fast with babies and toddlers). I’m not even going to mention the fact that my kids seem to think all I have to do is sit down at the computer and start typing and boom! The story writes itself.



So anyway, I’m going through everything I’ve got partially written, along with the list of stuff I want to write, and I’m going to see what resonates deep down in my writer’s heart. The things that feel like a chore right now will be going on a back burner. Once my brain is back in writer mode, I’ll revisit them. Until then, I’ll only be focusing on stories that get my pulse racing and my mind going in a million directions with one idea after another.

A quick update on the diet? Well… I turned twenty-nine again on Tuesday so things have been kind of hit and miss. Birthday weeks only roll around once a year and when the new Avengers movie is coming out five days later – and you know you’re going to be enjoying a bag of popcorn and some Raisinets, and (while you’re at it) you might as well make a pan of lasagna with noodles between now and then, there isn’t much point in fighting it. Right?

I’m still loving the plan though. It’s not hard to stick to. But there’s no hot fudge ice cream cake on it. And popcorn is just an occasional treat. And, well, I’m just not going to the theater without getting popcorn.

Yeah. Sometimes I’m worse than a toddler. 😀

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Another Update for April

Available now at the sites listed below. I believe The Daddy Pact (old cover above) is missing from a couple sites but I’ll take care of that in the next few days.

Sadly, I’ve done very poorly with Camp NaNoWriMo this month. Hopefully, starting Monday, I can play some quick catch up. Nowhere near what I’d planned, but better than where it stands now – which is less than 5,000 words. On a brighter note, I now have eleven more books ‘wide.’ That means they are at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo,  Google Books, Google Play, and Smashwords, in addition to Amazon.  When I figure out how to find myself on Google Books and Google Play, I’ll share those links here too.

By mid-May, Enza, Josh, The Secret Admirer, The Ripple, and Storytime Shorts will be joining them.

If this works out, I’ll be making the rest of my books available to the other stores again. I’ll be doing some advertising and praying, and hoping for the best that it does because I have never liked the thought of being exclusive to one online bookstore.

This post may contain affiliate links (see my Terms of Service). What that means is if you click on one of the links and purchase a qualifying product from Amazon, I will make a small percentage. Your price will not change.

But enough of that. Now for a quick update on my Trim Healthy Mama (THM) journey…

Except for one small cheat early last week, I’ve been on plan for eight days in a row. I do realize I’m more of an emotional eater than I though since the cheat followed hot on the heels of several hours of frustration while trying to upload the books to Google. I finally got to the bottom of that problem early this evening.

One of the most exciting things I’ve noticed is that in separating fats and carbs (mostly), and limiting carbs to – at most – 45 grams per meal, I’m sleeping SOOOOOOOO much better. I didn’t need my Fitbit to tell me I was waking up all of the time – up to a dozen or more times for every seven or eight hours sleep I was getting. Now I’m sleeping four to seven hours at a time and only waking up in between for the “Mom’s Taxi Service” runs.

Part of the time, those waking periods were to make a quick run to the bathroom. TMI, I’m sure, but I’m sharing in case anyone else has this issue. I was starting to worry that I might be getting – or already have – diabetes. But after a week on this diet, those trips to the bathroom … they’re over. Unless I chug a whole lot of water right before bed and then that’s my fault. Something about carbs, or sugar  … or both … combined with fats just isn’t conducive for a good night’s sleep 

So I’m feeling better and losing a few pounds – and the food is really pretty good. Tonight (technically, yesterday) I had two tacos, each on a quarter of a Lavash flatbread. I fried them in a little bit of refined coconut oil very briefly. They crisp up so maybe five seconds on each side, then I blotted them off with a paper towel. Then I fried the other half a little longer, until almost crisp (they continue to crisp up as they cool down), broke it into pieces, and had it with a little Tostino’s Salsa Con Queso. They worked very nicely as chips.

About a half an hour ago, after finally figuring out how to get my books up on Google Books and Google Play – and spending several hours doing it, I was kind of hungry. I didn’t want another taco, and I didn’t want anymore chips and cheese. I wanted something sweet. But I wanted it to be quick.

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? So here is what I did…

1 Mission Carb Balance tortilla
2 oz. cream cheese (cold)
1 heaping tablespoon Swerve granular sweetener
2 tablespoons no sugar added strawberry preserves
1-2 tablespoons refined coconut oil

Mix the cold cream cheese with the sweetener and preserves. Heat about a quarter of an inch of coconut oil in small pan. Dump cream cheese mixture in the center of the tortilla and make four quick folds. Place the ‘taco’ top down and turn as soon as it begins to brown – or the filling will leak out – fast. fry the bottom for a bit longer, until it’s golden.

The only thing I might do differently the next time is to freeze the dessert taco until the center is pretty solid. Because lit does start leaking out of the tortilla fairly quickly and I’d have loved to have had the folded edges a little crispier. But I was hungry then  and in too much of a hurry to bother. The most important thing is that my experiment was a huge success. I’ll definitely be enjoying more of these – until I’m more established with the THM plan and work the gluten back out of my diet again.

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It’s That Time of Year Again – and a Recipe

While perusing Pixabay in search of a photo to represent what I’ll be doing this month, I came across the one to the right. I was just going to find one with a woman typing but this one jumped out at me and made me laugh so I thought I’d share it with all of you. It’s just hilarious how monitors keep getting bigger and bigger but keyboards keep getting smaller and smaller. For a writer like me, one who actually took typing classes in school (mostly because one of the two teachers was a cute guy in his twenties that a lot of us girls were half in love with), smaller keyboards are a scary thing.

Scary? Yup. When words are flowing nicely, I can type about 60 wpm, on average. But the closer my fingers are squeezed together on a keyboard, the harder it is to get that kind of speed. The little thing that came with my tablet – which is now Aria’s tablet – is more like texting on a big phone. Kind of like the one in this picture. I’m thinking maybe I should go guy about fifty full sized ones so I’ll never run out! 🙂

Okay. Back to business…

You might have noticed the four progress bars to the right of this post. Those are for the four books I plan to finish during Camp NaNoWriMo this month. During the main event, simply NaNoWriMo (short for the worldwide challenge, National Novel Writing Month), the goal is to write a 50,000 word book in 30 days. During the middle of the holiday season. That’s one of the great things about Camp. It’s not quite as hectic because there’s only one holiday and it doesn’t require a lot of shopping or baking.

The other thing I love about it is … there’s no common goal. During Camp, we can all set whatever goals we want. For me, it’s almost always to finish partially written manuscripts. Hopefully, my goals this year aren’t too lofty but even if they are, I’m still going to do my best to meet them.

Now for a quick update on the new lifestyle I’m trying to make mine – Trim Healthy Mama (THM).

It seems like anytime I make a big dietary change, I tend to fall off the wagon quite a bit at first. This has been no different. Except even as often as I’ve cheated – and it’s been frequent, I’ve noticed something very encouraging. A symptom I’ve had that made me think ”pre-diabetes’ has disappeared. Whew! I can’t begin to say how glad that makes me.

I’m also getting more restful sleep. Instead of waking up ten or fifteen times a night, it’s gotten as low as twice. Twice. That’s an especially nice change of pace.  And it’s pretty cool that even with all of the cheating, I’ve still lost six pounds. Definitely liking the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. When I’m sticking to it, lol.

Next time, I’ll probably share more about some of the products and foods I especially like but I have to say here and now, powdered Swerve is the best alternative to sugar I’ve ever used.  By the way, that was an affiliate link. If you click on it and buy it, I’ll make a few pennies but your price won’t change.

Now for the recipe. It’s a variation of one I found at one of the many blogs that share Trim Healthy Mama recipes (that was another affiliate link). The stuff I came up with is SO good, I was almost tempted to drink the chocolate, which is why it wound up with peanuts and coconut. It’s hard to drink peanuts and coconut. 😀

Kristy’s Chocolate

1 cup melted (but not hot) LouAna coconut oil
1/2 cup cocoa powder
4 heaping soup spoons of powdered Swerve
2 handfuls peanuts
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

Mix all ingredients well. Pour in pan sprayed with a little cooking spray, or in silicone candy molds and chill. Store in the refrigerator and try to limit yourself to a couple of pieces a day. Reasonable size pieces.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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Movin’ and a Shakin’

As I work toward getting my writing life back to normal, I’ve also had to make a hard decision. After about two and a half years, it’s time for a change. While the ladies who designed my website did a spectacular job, I’m just not tech savvy enough to work with this ‘theme.’ So I thought I’d give you all a heads up and let you know that after I educate myself with a few tutorials, I’ll be packing things up and installing a new theme. One that’s sort of similar to this one, but one I feel sure I can actually use.

Because in the same way I get tired of the way I have my house set up and have to rearrange things, it’s the same way with my website. I need something fresh. Something different. Something I can do myself because I truly love doing things like this – as long as it’s free of html and other code I never want to figure out.

So hopefully, it’ll be a smooth transition. First, the tutorials. Second, figuring out exactly what I want. And third – press the button. That’s not so bad. Just gonna roll with the changes, right? Yeah, I know. Another shameless plug for another favorite song. 🙂

But in case things don’t go as planned, I thought I’d let you know that should the website disappear, it won’t be forever. In the words of the terminator (my son’s favorite movie), “I’ll be back.” Just as soon as I watch the tutorials again and figure out what I did wrong.

I’m going to think positively though. It’s all going to go without a hitch.

It will. (hitting knees to pray)

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