The Ripple

The Ripple
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Wyatt finds he has a second chance to save his marriage. The same second chance. Over and over. And over.
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About the Book

Welcome to Hemisphere, where anything can happen – and something always does. Please make sure to read the Visitor’s Packet, follow a few simple precautions, and the odds are better than good you’ll survive your stay with us.

From the moment he delivered his first newspaper at fourteen, workaholic Wyatt Garber has had two goals. Save a million dollars and show his father he isn’t a failure. Nothing is going to stand in his way of achieving it either. Except maybe his wife.

Wyatt hopes a short vacation on the way to his new assignment might show her she’s the most important thing in his life and that if she’ll be patient a little longer, they can have the life they’ve always dreamed of. But when he discovers it’s a life she’s never wanted, and that she wants out, he makes a half-hearted wish for time to win her back.

When it comes true, it’s not quite what he expected. Now, he’s living one day – the same day – over and over. And his wife isn’t just fed up anymore, she wants a divorce.

Then there’s the town? What’s up with residents locking themselves in their homes at sundown and all the ads for salt, holy water, and crucifixes? Are they just taking their love of the paranormal too far? Or should he start to worry?

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