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Mosquitoes on Steroids

Last summer I addressed the mosquito problem in another blog.  This year, while they’re not quite as abundant, Michigan’s state bird seems to have grown.  Dramatically.  As I was killing one of the little monsters last night, it actually scared … Continue reading

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Dear Dad…

Growing up with you in my life was definitely one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given.  No, you weren’t perfect, neither as a father, or as a man.  But you know what?  You were perfect for me. Through … Continue reading

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With Love and Appreciation…

…to all of the men and women who serve in our military.  Thank you so very much for the sacrifices you make to keep our country and its citizens safe. If you enjoy the freedom our soldiers have fought for, … Continue reading

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200th Blog & Some Fun Facts

Yup, sure enough.  Today marks my 200th blog here at WordPress.  Technically anyway.  After reading Susie Lindau’s post on Thursday, How to Break out of Jail and Other Useful Tidbits!, I’m not sure they’re all actually here.   Or at least … Continue reading

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Marvel Superheroes and MANday Covers? Your Help is Needed

Because I always enjoy looking at sexy, shirtless guys… 🙂

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The Cost of Distracted Driving

Impaired driving needs to be stopped. Whether it’s distractions from cell phones, alcohol, eating or playing with the radio. The consequences are just not worth it.

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This Has Been An Exciting Week!

Day 5 on the blog tour…  Stop by and see what Paula has to say about Enza at The Phantom Paragrapher. ~~~~~ Eight more days left and so far I couldn’t be more pleased.  There have been moments when I’ve … Continue reading

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Since I shared with you about the day it was taken, I thought I’d post the results here.  I would like to thank Connie Orr, owner of Impact Portrait Art Studio, for doing such a fabulous job.  The only way … Continue reading

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A couple of nights ago I realized that I had never just read Enza.  I’d spent more hours than I’ll ever be able to count researching it.  I loved every minute of writing it.  And, even with a few beta … Continue reading

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My Dad, the Mushrooms, and the Snake

Twelve days ago was the eighth anniversary of the death of the most important man in my life.  My dad.  Which is probably why he’s been on my mind so much lately.  Not that he isn’t always on my mind, … Continue reading

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