JJ Belding

Hi! This is Kristy K. James… Um… I mean JJ Belding. That’s right! I’m both!

Why the JJ pen name? Because some of you like all of my stories, but others? Well, they’re not so fond of fantasy/paranormal stuff, even if it is romance. So I decided to separate them.

And now JJ has her own page. They’re ‘rebranded’ with new covers and (mostly) new titles. A couple will be broken down into serials. And they’re all only available through Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t own a Kindle, there are free Kindle reading apps for pretty much any device.

So… Here are the books. Just click on this link (blue) and a new window will open, taking you directly to JJ’s page on Amazon (these may all be affiliate links, click here to learn more about them). If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read them all for free.

I’ll announce it on my website, Facebook page, and in my newsletter when new releases are available.