The Plays

If you’re not a Christian, that’s okay. But to give fair warning, this page may not be of interest to you. That’s okay too. I hope you’ll find something more to your liking on other pages of my website. I just ask that you don’t judge me because my beliefs are different than yours. 🙂

What are those beliefs? Quite simply, I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and I made Him my Savior when I was eighteen years old. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect. In fact, I’m so far from perfect it’s not even funny. That’s why I do my best to never judge others. Unless it involves impaired driving, in any way, and then I try to keep those opinions between me and God.

Anyway, I wrote these plays more than a decade ago. And because I’m not really a play writer, I let them collect virtual dust on a few computers, flash drives, and CD’s. Then, a few nights ago, I awoke in the middle of the night with the feeling that I need to publish them. So I am.

They’re likely not in typical ‘play’ format, and the stage directions are pretty simplistic, but I believe I was supposed to write them, and that now I’m supposed to make them available. Hopefully, I can do that for free in several online stores. But if I cannot, I’ll set the price at .99 cents at the stores that won’t mark them down.

In that case, you can get it for free at Smashwords (click here for the link). You can download it in any format you need, though except for the Kindle version, I don’t know how to get it to your digital reading device or phone.

I’ll add links for the other stores as they become available. Here’s the blurb…


Too often in life, the choices one person makes will seal the eternal fate of others. Some of those victims will spend eternity with their Savior. The rest, sadly, will not.

In Deceived, Jill, Bob, and Alex are all offered a final chance. Will they accept the salvation Jesus bought for them at Calvary? Or will they throw away the greatest gift of all time? Because time has run out. There is a battle for their souls. The greatest liar since the beginning of time is fighting for them too.

If We Cared Enough

Being a teenager isn’t easy in the twenty-first century. Being a Christian teenager is even harder. Fear of being different, of not being like everyone else, influences decisions and reactions. And they don’t have the benefit of maturity or life experience either. So, sometimes, that fear keeps them from acting, even when they know what the right thing is.

If We Cared Enough presents two different scenarios. In one, teens are faced with a dilemma. Come to the defense of a bullied classmate—or look the other way and pray. In the other, another Christian overhears a conversation between a couple. The boyfriend is demanding that his girlfriend prove she loves him. Will this be another