200th Blog & Some Fun Facts

Yup, sure enough.  Today marks my 200th blog here at WordPress.  Technically anyway.  After reading Susie Lindau’s post on Thursday, How to Break out of Jail and Other Useful Tidbits!, I’m not sure they’re all actually here.   Or at least visible.  Something to do with the time stamp.  Although maybe it doesn’t count against you when you import them.  Hope not because I started off blogging on my website…and quickly discovered that WordPress has more bells and whistles.  At the top of that list is the ability to post YouTube videos…and we all know that I love doing that.

In fact, I’m going to post one now.  The song, by Five For Fighting, is titled, ‘100 Years.’  Since this is a blog about two hundred, I guess you’ll have to listen to it twice (okay, I’m kidding…you don’t have to listen to it twice).  It’s about how quickly time passes, and it surely does.  It seems like only a moment ago I was fifteen and falling in love with everything about writing.

The entire song is great but my favorite line is, ‘Chasing the years of my life.’

A tragedy nearly eighteen months ago reminded me of how short life is.   You can be here one day then, with no warning at all, be gone the next.   It was while still dealing with that last spring that I realized it was time to start pursuing some of my dreams.  They were moving farther away from me and it was time to catch up up to them.  And so I finally got serious about my writing, did some research…then kicked it all off with a bang.  I mean a blog.

Now, with my first year anniversary coming up on June 6th, I’ve been looking back at some of my early posts. I had to chuckle when I got to the first one.   Of course it was about a subject near and dear to my heart…my septic tank.  Nothing like putting my best foot forward.

It’s been a great experience for me though.  I’ve been able to ‘meet’ and get to know some awesome readers and writers, and I wouldn’t trade my life today for anything in the world. (Well, maybe I’d trade it for Bruce Willis or Jeffrey Dean Morgan…)

In honor of my 200th post, I thought I’d see if I could find some interesting facts about the number 200.  And what I came up with was definitely interesting.

According to The Telegraph:

One quarter of the world’s wealth is controlled by 200 companies.  I think I would like to own one of those companies.

Pony Express riders averaged 200 miles per day.  Ouch.  That’s all.  Just…ouch.

Dandelion flower heads produce 200 seeds.  Given the abundance of bright yellow weeds scattered all over my yard between mowings, I am not surprised to learn this.

Each year 200 Japanese execs kick the bucket while golfing.  Wonder what kind of betting goes on before those games?  “Five hundred on Hiroshi.  Yeah, heart attack at the sand trap.”

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death, Triumph International, the second largest lingerie company in Japan, made a lighted bra that played Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  They erred just a little bit in thinking that Mozart wrote the tune.  Be fun to own the bra though, wouldn’t it?  You’d be the hit of any party you wore it to.

In the Old Testament, David accepted a challenge from Saul and basically stole 200 Philistine foreskins to claim his wife.  Wow.  How romantic.  Um…not!

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17 Responses to 200th Blog & Some Fun Facts

  1. Congrats on your 200th post! I only just realized today that I wasn’t subscribed, but I’ve fixed that. Now I’ll get to see you in my inbox all the time Yaaaay!

    That’s one of my favorite songs. It really does make you think that life is gone too quick and you better start living now or you’ll lose the chance.

    Thanks for sharing those fabulous 200 tidbits. Weirdness is awesome.

  2. pranjalbor says:

    Reblogged this on pranjalborthakur and commented:
    A milestone….

  3. pranjalbor says:

    200th blog its Awesome…. Congratulations.

  4. Karen McFarland says:

    Exactly Debra Kristi! Break out the champagne baby!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!
    “a subject near and dear to my heart…my septic tank.” LOLOL Kristy!!!
    Congratulations Kristy on your 200th blog! Keep “em coming girl! We love reading them! 🙂

    • Thanks, Karen! And if you’ve never had to deal with a septic tank, you find out very quickly, when it stops working, that you care for it more than you thought you did (after you finish calling it names for breaking again). Fortunately for me, it’s been a source of great amusement. I’m just a little surprised that I wrote about it in my FIRST blog post. LOL…didn’t even give people a chance to know my non-weird side. 🙂

  5. Debra Kristi says:

    Party time Break out the champagne, baby!

  6. Emma says:

    Congrats Kristy. I always enjoy reading your posts.

  7. susielindau says:

    Woohoo! 200 is awesome! Thanks for the shout out! I still get nervous when I add my tags and go over 10 even though they allow 15.

  8. I’m with Marcy – today was my 72, so well done and congratulations. speaking of dandelions, note to self: Buy some weedkiller at the store.

  9. Congrats on soon reaching your 200th blog post! I stand in awe of people who’ve been blogging so much longer than I have. Today marks my 80th post, so I am at least nearing 100 soon. (I’m probably already at 100 if you could my Girls With Pens posts, but I reset the mental counter when I started my own blog.) Who knew that dandelions had 200 seeds. That does explain so much about why I’m always fighting them.

    • Thanks, Marcy! Technically I’m really not at 200…because I was posting daily during the blog tour…but WP is counting those, too. So I really shouldn’t be there until sometime in June, but it’s too hard to keep track of so I just went with it. 🙂

      I love your blog, and read a number of the posts at Girls With Pens…I think both you and Lisa do a whole lot more research than I do.

      That whole dandelion thing makes sense now, doesn’t it? Good grief! Two hundred seeds times five million dandelions equals a yard full of those suckers all summer. 🙂

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