Her Best Friend Jon, Audible Version

Her Best Friend Jon, Audible Version
Series: Coach's Boys Audible Books, Book 4
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
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About the Book

In the fourth installment of the Coach’s Boys series, Detective Ed Winslow’s stalker steps up the game – and everyone is a target now.

Her secret could change lives forever.

When Hannah Fletcher discovered that her whole life was a lie, she ran as far and as fast as she could – to a place she’d long forgotten about. And now that she’s found a way to get close to the right people, can she keep her real identity a secret as she works to accomplish one very important goal?

He’s spent his entire life on the outside looking in.

Jon Rambo lived by three simple rules: work hard, don’t get involved in other people’s problems, and never get too close to anyone. His job, and a small circle of friends, had always been more than enough for him. But when a woman he believes is up to no good needs help, he steps in to offer his assistance, even though it means deceiving everyone he knows.

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