The Princess and the Bodyguard

The Princess and the Bodyguard
Series: A Royal Sweethearts Romance Novel, Book 3
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2016
Length: Novel

From the author of the popular Coach’s Boys series comes Book 3 in The Casteloria Royals Trilogy

Some lines just aren't meant to be crossed…
Briannon Gallagher-Hughes is everything a man could ever hope for in a woman. Beautiful, intelligent, kind, and loyal. A man would be blessed to win her heart—and he knows it's his for the taking. But Fin was hired to protect the royal family, not to fall in love with his king's daughter.

Her patience has finally run out…
The moment they met, Briannon knew Fin was the man she wanted to spend her life with, but his stubborn pride has kept them apart for fifteen long years. Now, with her biological clock ticking, she realizes it's time to let go of her dreams—before she's too old to have the children she so desperately desires.

Originally published as A Cold Day in Paradise


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About the Book


Two of the biggest beasts lunged at Fin. The shot from his revolver was surprisingly loud and she saw one of them fall away. The other had Fin on the ground in less than a second and it was joined by two more. The others went after the dogs and that’s when Briannon started shooting.

It seemed to last an eternity, but she knew it was only seconds before she found herself dumped in more than two feet of snow. When she looked up, the sled was disappearing into the distance, two wolves were bleeding out into the snow, and Fin lay unmoving beside one of them.

Still clutching the pistol, she struggled to her feet and started running toward him on legs that felt rubbery. Their teeth were razor sharp but surely they couldn’t have gotten through the thickness of his coat and snow pants that fast, could they, she wondered as she dropped to her knees beside him, lifted his goggles and pulled the balaclava down.

“Fin! Fin, are you all right?” Briannon demanded, fighting hard to stay calm. He still hadn’t moved and his eyes were closed. In the distance, she could hear the wolves howling but it sounded like they were moving away from them. She hoped they were, and that they wouldn’t return, but right now, her only concern was the man laying so still in front of her. She shook him gently. “Fin! Are you okay?” When he finally looked up at her, she nearly sagged in relief.

“Are they dead?” he asked, his voice almost too low to be heard above the howling wind.

“Two of them are. I hit another, but he ran away with the other ones.” There were still traces of blood, bright red against the snow, but it was disappearing quickly as more fell from the sky. She hesitated before admitting, “The dogs ran off too.”

The sled is gone?


“We need to get to the caves then. Before they come back.”

“We’re not going back to the palace?”

“It’s more than sixteen kilometers. I don’t know if I’ll make it that far.”

“What? Why not?” At her question, he smiled faintly, though he seemed as stunned at the words coming out of his mouth as she was.

“You shot me.”

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