The Secret Admirer

The Secret Admirer
Series: A Lunch Hour Love Story
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
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About the Book

Mark Pruitt didn’t expect his marriage to become a casualty of the empty nest syndrome… 
…but since the twins left home for college, it seems to be heading in that direction. He needs to figure out what went wrong and fix it, because if he doesn’t, he may lose the only woman he’s ever loved. Maybe the frightening gifts she begins receiving from a secret admirer will show her that he can be her knight in shining armor again.

What’s a former full-time mom to do when the kids move out…
…and she feels like she’s married to a stranger? Too many years dealing with too many responsibilities left too little time for her and her husband. And now that they have the time, she wonders if the relationship is worth saving. But then she captures the attention of an admirer who may mean her harm and she begins to see the man she fell in love with in a new light.

Find out how Mark and Robin’s story ends in this Lunch Hour Love Story, written by the author of the popular Coach’s Boys Series.

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