Code Red Christmas

Code Red Christmas
Series: The Coach's Boys Series, Book 5
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
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About the Book

***This book is the fifth in the Coach’s Boys series. Because of the mystery involving a secondary character, the books should be read in order.***

When she promised ‘until death do us part,’ she meant it…

When Darby O’Hara believed in something, she believed in it forever, and her marriage rated at the top of that list. But she hadn’t counted on a husband who devoted most of his life to his business. As the years passed, and he spent more and more hours away from home, her dreams of becoming a mother seemed to be just that – a dream. One that would never be fulfilled. Being patient hadn’t worked. Talking hadn’t either, and one day she decided she’d had enough. It was time to make a new life for herself. Maybe with the handsome and attentive Dylan.

Achieving success had always been important to him…

No one had ever loved their wife more than Cal O’Hara loved his, but he’d never figured out how to balance his personal life and his business. And then came the day she announced her intention to divorce him. In that moment he knew he’d do anything to win her back. When a holiday reprieve comes his way, he knows he’s got one chance to make some serious changes. He’s willing to give everything he has to win Darby back. The question is … will everything be enough to make her want to stay?


“That’s going to be a lot of whipped cream,” Dan observed. “What’s it for?”

“Pumpkin tarts.”

“Who’s having the party?”

“The private school over on the west side is honoring their parent volunteers.”

“Glad I’m not going to be eating with them.”

“What?” He glanced over at Dan, who just shrugged.

“I’ve never had whipped cream with a cup and a half of salt before, and I don’t think I’d want to try it either.”

Salt? He looked down at the canister sitting beside the bowl. The canister was clearly marked ‘Salt.’ Clenching his jaws, he turned the mixer off and leaned against the counter next to Dan.

It felt like all the strength left his legs, and he slid down the cupboard as if in slow motion, until he was sitting on the floor. It seemed like too much effort to get back up, and so he just sat there, trying to ignore Dan when he sat down beside him.

“I can’t talk about it,” he whispered. And he couldn’t. Telling Trish had almost been more than he could handle. He couldn’t do it again. Not right now. “I can’t even think too much about it because when I do, I can hardly breathe.”

“Then we’ll just sit here for a while.”

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