Erin’s Christmas Wish

Erin’s Christmas Wish
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
Tag: Single Titles

Erin has been in love with her neighbor, Scott, for nearly two years. While working together to raise food for the less fortunate in their community, it appears Scott may return those feelings. Or does he? Will a misunderstanding and old insecurities ruin the future they might have had together?
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The friend zone is better than no zone but…

…that’s not where Erin Baker wants to be. For nearly two years, she has been in love with her neighbor, a man who can’t see the heart she wears so openly on her sleeve. A man who treats her like a favorite little sister. But working together to help the less fortunate this holiday season, it seems as though – finally – he might return her feelings.

Maybe an ordinary guy could get the girl…

While mirrors didn’t shatter when he looked into them, Scott Sinclair had always felt the pretty woman who had stolen his heart was out of his league. So when Erin made it clear she wanted to be with him, he couldn’t have been happier. But then a misunderstanding and old insecurities threaten to tear them apart and he fears the future he’d hoped for is lost forever.


As Scott headed for the porch that ran along the entire front of the house, he glanced up at her window and waved. Erin waved back, then held her pinky and thumb up to her head like a phone. He nodded, and hurried inside. A minute later, her cell phone rang.

“Hey you,” he said cheerfully. She heard the bag rattling in the background as they talked.

“What’s up?”

“Well… You’re probably going to want to wring my neck.”

“Uh-oh. Do I even want to hear this?” he asked, but there was no anger or irritation in his voice.

“Probably not. But I was just thinking beef and homemade noodles, rolls and butter, broccoli in cheese sauce, apple pie, and a double batch of peanut butter cookies might make what I have to say a little more bearable.”

“Whoa. It’s bad this time, right?”

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