The Detective’s Second Chance, Audible Book

The Detective’s Second Chance, Audible Book
Series: Coach's Boys Audible Books, Book 7
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
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About the Book

Sometimes, life can be a little rough…
And no one knows more about that than Detective Ed Winslow. But just because the mystery of his stalker has been solved doesn’t mean everything is all sunshine and rainbows now. The question is, will things ever settle down enough so he can make more permanent arrangements with the love of his life? Or will there always be something else to stand in their way?

How long, exactly, is a girl supposed to wait…
Jenna Taggert is nothing if not patient. In nearly three years, she’d never once considered walking away, not even after being kidnapped by the person whose only goal in life was to kill the man of her dreams. By his side is the only place she wants to be. Still, she can’t help but hope that, one day, they might make a life together.

If you like clean and wholesome romance, you might just love the Coach’s Boys Series! With the exception of Darby’s Dilemma (a special edition short story) – each book focuses on one couple and is complete from start to finish.

***Warning: While this is a sweet romance, it does deal with the mental health issues of a woman who was the victim of childhood sexual abuse.***

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