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An accident killed his dreams, she had to walk away from hers – together, can they forge a new one?

After Tara Nelson’s parents died, her grandmother hadn’t hesitated to open her home – and her arms – to finish raising a heartbroken little girl. So, when a stroke left her confined to a wheelchair, Tara didn’t have to think twice about putting her plans on hold to take care of her. It was a hard, often lonely life, and sometimes, she longed for someone special to share the burdens. Especially after falling into the arms of a strong, handsome bell ringer.

His emotional wounds cut so deep, Shane Cavenaugh didn’t think they’d ever heal. So the last thing he needed was a complication in his carefully planned, solitary life. But thanks to an icy parking lot on a cold November night, a complication is exactly what he got. Now, he can’t get a kind-hearted cashier out of his mind. And he’s not sure he wants to either.

Can the wonder of the Christmas season light the way to a future filled with hope, happiness, and love for two lonely people?

Welcome to Weko Harbor, a place where the friends you made when you were a kid are friends for a lifetime. And sometimes, they might be more than just a friend.



 What readers are saying…

~First of all let me just say I own everything written by this Amazing Author. Coach’s Boy’s are by far my ultimate go to reads. Give her a try, I bet you love her just as much!~

~Kristy has become an instant buy for me. Her books are full of humor and hope.~

~I always want books to last longer but only because I really enjoyed the story. Great characters!!! All Kristy’s books have amazing characters!!!! No book should be missed!!!~

~I really like how Ms. James’ stories differ from one another. Unlike other authors that you get their formula after reading 2 or more of their works, she constantly surprises me with different plots and twists.~