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In the song, Love Story, Taylor Swift sings about about a love that lasts through the ages. And I believe, deep down, we all wish for that same thing. A love that was always meant to be.

lonelyA love to fill the lonely places in our hearts.

good timesThat will be there in the good times…

old loveAnd the hard ones.

bad timesFor someone who cares enough to hold us when we cry.

familyWho will rejoice with us in the special moments.

long haulFor the one who’s in it for the long haul.

For as long as I can remember, those are the kinds of stories I wanted to read. Stories fraught with one trouble or another, but that no matter how bad things got, the heroine always found her knight in shining armor. It didn’t matter that his armor was always a little tarnished because she wasn’t perfect either. But the love those couples shared … that was perfect. Or pretty darned close.

And when I started writing my own love stories, my goal was to find just the right blend of hardship and trials, strength and tenderness, and above all, love. My heroes and heroines all have flaws, but in the end, they whatever problems they might face, they will eventually find their happily-ever-afters.

So whether you’re new here, or you’ve been with me for a while, I hope you enjoy the tales I have to tell … because I write each one of them with you in mind.