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A Prince on the Run

Cameron Rafferty is keeping secrets. Dangerous secrets that could endanger the lives of everyone around him.
His plan was simple…keep a low profile until the would-be-killer was found. And things were going smoothly, until a small complication changed everything. Soon, he finds himself becoming more involved with the family next door—and wishing for things he shouldn’t. Things that will put their lives in jeopardy, too.

Spending summers at the chalet was a tradition for author Laura Keane and her young son.
Filled with memories of the husband she lost to war, she looked forward to days spent reminiscing, playing, and plotting another novel. She didn’t expect this year to be any different— but that was before their handsome neighbor came to her rescue like a knight in shining armor. Will that armor be tarnished when she discovers who he is and why he’s hiding out in northern Michigan?

The Physician to the King
Running isn’t always the answer… 
When a tragedy rocks Abigail Keane’s world, she only wants three things. To run as far from what happened as fast as she can. To reevaluate her life and the choices she’s made. To spend time with the nephew she hasn’t seen in over year. What she didn’t plan on was butting heads with a doctor who rubs her wrong from day one. 

It’s going to be a long summer… 
When a pretentious headmistress arrives in Casteloria, Nolan Campbell can’t help but hope she cuts her vacation plans short. In fact, nothing would make him happier than to see her on the next plane leaving the island. But when a dark, heartbreaking secret comes to light, he begins to see the real woman hiding beneath the icy facade. Can he help her heal without risking his heart in the process?

The Princess and the Bodyguard

Some lines just aren’t meant to be crossed…
Briannon Gallagher-Hughes is everything a man could ever hope for in a woman. Beautiful, intelligent, kind, and loyal. A man would be blessed to win her heart—and he knows it’s his for the taking. But Fin was hired to protect the royal family, not to fall in love with his king’s daughter

Her patience has finally run out…
The moment they met, Briannon knew Fin was the man she wanted to spend her life with, but his stubborn pride has kept them apart for fifteen long years. Now, with her biological clock ticking, she realizes it’s time to let go of her dreams—before she’s too old to have the children she so desperately desires.

Quinn’s Saving Grace
Sparks fly in this forced proximity romance when a physical therapist is expected to work a miracle for a broken palace guard who doesn’t believe she can.

When the king of St. Chardemont ordered Sarah Grace to an island in northern Michigan, she wanted to say no. But she went. And she stayed, even though the patient she’d been sent to help wanted nothing to do with her.

After a fall from a cliff changed Quinn MacMahon’s life, all he wanted was to be left alone. But it wasn’t in the cards. Or at least not in his cards, because no one will leave him alone. Not his doctor. Not the guards and nurses assigned to care for him. And certainly not the new therapist, whose only degree seems to be in torturing her patients.

Then, she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Give her two months. If he can honestly say he’s not better at the end of that time, she’ll leave. The problem is, the more Quinn gets to know Sarah, the more he wants her to stay.

If you like your romance novels served up with a little suspense and mystery, humor, and an interesting mix of supporting characters, you just might love Kristy K. James’ royal romances.




 What readers are saying…

~First of all let me just say I own everything written by this Amazing Author. Coach’s Boy’s are by far my ultimate go to reads. Give her a try, I bet you love her just as much!~

~Kristy has become an instant buy for me. Her books are full of humor and hope.~

~I always want books to last longer but only because I really enjoyed the story. Great characters!!! All Kristy’s books have amazing characters!!!! No book should be missed!!!~

~I really like how Ms. James’ stories differ from one another. Unlike other authors that you get their formula after reading 2 or more of their works, she constantly surprises me with different plots and twists.~