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A Cool Summer in Paradise

Book 2 in the Casteloria series

Now available on Amazon.com, iTunes, and Smashwords.

Nolan - small cover~~~

Running isn’t always the answer…
When a tragedy rocks Abigail Keane’s world, she only wants three things. To run as far from what happened as fast as she can. To reevaluate her life and the choices she’s made. And to spend time with the nephew she hasn’t seen in over year. What she didn’t plan on was butting heads with a doctor who rubs her wrong from day one. Or for her life to get more complicated when it turns out that first impressions really can be deceiving.

It’s going to be a long summer…
When a pretentious headmistress arrives in Casteloria, Nolan Campbell can’t help but hope she cuts her vacation plans short. In fact, nothing would make him happier than to see her on the next plane leaving the island. But when a dark, heartbreaking secret comes to light, he begins to see the real woman hiding beneath the icy façade. Can he help her heal without risking his heart in the process?



I’m proud to be part of a group of authors which includes Debra Kristi and Melinda VanLone. We will all be contributing novelettes to the Mystic’s Carnival Collective series. At least part of each story will take place at the carnival, so you’ll find some of your favorite regulars in different books. Hope you enjoy Brody’s Banshee, my first foray into fantasy. I’ll keep you posted when more installments are available.

Brody-FINAL cover~~~

When the words of a long ago oracle prove to be true, Kelian forgets the rules of her world for the love of a little boy. And she will do whatever she must in order to protect him from a murderous, spiteful fairy.

Now available on Amazon and Smashwords.


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