Quinn’s Saving Grace

Quinn’s Saving Grace

Sparks fly in this forced proximity romance when a physical therapist is expected to work a miracle for a broken palace guard who doesn’t believe she can.

When the king of St. Chardemont ordered Sarah Grace to an island in northern Michigan, she wanted to say no. But she went. And she stayed, even though the patient she’d been sent to help wanted nothing to do with her.

After a fall from a cliff changed Quinn MacMahon’s life, all he wanted was to be left alone. But it wasn’t in the cards. Or at least not in his cards, because no one will leave him alone. Not his doctor. Not the guards and nurses assigned to care for him. And certainly not the new therapist, whose only degree seems to be in torturing her patients.

Then, she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Give her two months. If he can honestly say he’s not better at the end of that time, she’ll leave. The problem is, the more Quinn gets to know Sarah, the more he wants her to stay.


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