Privacy Policy

Because of the new GDPR law, I have to create a privacy policy. I’m going to make this short and to the point. If I don’t, I might be inclined to say more than I should regarding my feelings at being forced to jump through a bunch of hoops because of a law passed in a country an ocean away. This first paragraph could be considered my protest.

First, I would like to say that as far as I know, every website on the planet collects cookies, your IP information, and other information about your browsing habits, general location, and computer. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. The only way to avoid this happening is to turn off your computers, tablets, e-readers, and cell phones.

That said, will never sell, share, trade, or give away your email address. Not to any individual, company, robot, or alien being. I will NEVER store your email address on my computer, or on CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, external hard drives, or any other device intended to record and save information.

I will not hand write your email address, along with thousandss of others, in or on any piece or scrap of paper, spray paint it on billboards, or etch it on bathroom stall walls.

I do not share my login information with anyone. The only way anyone could have access to my WordPress website/blog is if they hacked their way in and I am not responsible for the crimes of others. I change my password a few times a year to try and prevent such an occurrence from happening.

I do not personally collect cookies but expect WordPress does. They also collect your name and email address when you comment on any of my posts. I do have access to your name and email address but do nothing with it.

If you choose to comment on any of my blog posts or pages, those comments will be visible to everyone who visits my site so please do not share personal, identifying information about yourself. I reserve the right to remove abusive and/or offensive comments from my website.

I’ve deactivated many plugins that were very useful to me as a blogger when it became evident that their privacy policies combined would be about as long as War and Peace. Of the few that remain, I’ve been assured that they do not collect any information about my visitors.

If you click on any links to Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Google Books/Play, Smashwords, YouTube, or any other link I may share, you will need to check their privacy policies to see what information they collect from your visits. If you wish to know what they, and WordPress, do with the information they collect, you will have to contact them.

When I figure out what to do about my newsletter, I will update my policy to include any pertinent information.

What do I plan to do with your name and email address? Nothing. Unless you sign up for my newsletter. In that case, I will send newsletters letting you know about new releases, special offers, and updates.

WordPress follows the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and doesn’t knowingly collect any of that information from those 12 and under.

I will, to the best of my ability, make sure the information you share with me is not lost, misused, or altered in any way.