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Series: The Coach's Boys Series
The Daddy Pact, Audible Version
The Daddy Pact
A Hero For Holly
A Harry Situation
Her Best Friend Jon
Code Red Christmas
Darby’s Dilemma, A Coach’s Boys Special Edition
The Detective’s Second Chance
Holding Out For Love, A Coach’s Boys Companion Story
Series: Casteloria Series
Laying Low in Paradise, Audible Version
The Casteloria Series, Boxed Set
Laying Low in Paradise
A Cool Summer in Paradise
A Cold Day in Paradise
Series: Men From the Double M Series
Series: Wishes in Time
The Accidental Wish
Holding On To Yesterday
Tag: Single Titles
Erin’s Christmas Wish
Reluctant Guardian
A Fine Mess
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  • The Stranger In My Head
  • Someday … Maybe
  • Brody’s Banshee
  • Gluten-Free Sucks
  • Three Things Every Guy Should Know About Romance
  • Storytime Shorts, the First Collection
  • How I Make a Decent Income Writing Fiction

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