A new job and a fresh start await Katie Murphy at the Double M Dude Ranch. Sworn off men for the foreseeable future, she is dismayed to find her new boss seems to be as nice as he is sexy. While Josh Madigan has worked hard to make his late father's dream a reality, he's not sure it's his dream as well. But too many depend on him for their livelihood - including his pretty new cook.

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About the Book

Sometimes running away seems like the only choice…
Wanting to escape a disappointing career and memories of a bad marriage, Katie Murphy moved half a state away for a new job. No, working at the Double M dude ranch wasn’t the executive chef position she’d trained for, but it had its rewards. The animals were cute and her co-workers were great. She just wished her boss wasn’t as nice as he was sexy.

He had the life others dreamed of…
Josh Madigan worked hard to make the Double M a success. He wasn’t quite there, but it was finally within reach. His late father’s dream was about to become a reality. He just wasn’t sure whether it was his dream. And if it wasn’t, could he walk away with so many people depending on him for their livelihood—including his pretty new cook?


It was only a brief shift of the wind that allowed Josh to see the drop off, and he brought the Ski-Doo to a halt at the crest of the hill. What he saw through the heavy snow made his heart pound so hard he figured it could be heard all the way to town.

With every ounce of self-control he possessed, Josh eased the snowmobile down the steep slope, hoping every excruciating inch of the way that the situation wasn’t as bad as it appeared to be. One of the machines was partially in the water, the boy lying motionless beside it. But it had been the moment he saw Katie sprawled on the ground between hers and the river that he’d been the most afraid. It didn’t help that he kept reminding himself that it was clear she hadn’t rolled it, but she still wasn’t moving. Not so much as a muscle the entire time it took him to get to the bottom. And he knew it to be a fact because he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her for so much as a second.

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