The Physician to the King

The Physician to the King
Series: A Royal Sweethearts Romance Novel, Book 2
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance

When tragedy rocks Abigail Keane's world, she wants to run far and fast, and to reevaluate her life. She didn't plan on butting heads with Dr. Nolan Campbell - who doesn't care much for her either. But as they both soon discover, first impressions are often wrong.

Originally published as A Cool Summer in Paradise

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About the Book


From the author of the popular Coach’s Boys series comes Book 2 in The Casteloria Royals Trilogy

Running isn’t always the answer…
When a tragedy rocks Abigail Keane’s world, she only wants three things. To run as far from what happened as fast as she can. To reevaluate her life and the choices she’s made. To spend time with the nephew she hasn’t seen in over year. What she didn’t plan on was butting heads with a doctor who rubs her wrong from day one.

It’s going to be a long summer…
When a pretentious headmistress arrives in Casteloria, Nolan Campbell can’t help but hope she cuts her vacation plans short. In fact, nothing would make him happier than to see her on the next plane leaving the island. But when a dark, heartbreaking secret comes to light, he begins to see the real woman hiding beneath the icy facade. Can he help her heal without risking his heart in the process?

Filled with romance, intrigue, secrets, and danger, The Casteloria Royals is a series you can’t help but fall in love with. Each story is complete with no cliffhanger endings.

Abby felt horrible. She’d meant to be more tactful, but the moment she opened her mouth, an anger she hadn’t even realized was hiding inside her came flying out of her mouth and she couldn’t stop the harsh words. And now Laura was hurt and afraid for her son. She’d made her sound like a horrible mother, and it wasn’t true. She was one of the best mothers Abby had ever known. But no one would have guessed she believed it based on—

“Wow. Color me disillusioned. All this time I thought the ice queen attitude was just for show.”

Abby closed her eyes and took a slow breath when she heard the sarcastic voice behind her. She wondered how long he’d been standing there, how much he’d overheard. Of all the people in the world, it had to be him.

“Eavesdropping, Dr. Campbell?”

“I believe eavesdropping would entail a bit of sneaking around, Ms. Keane, and I don’t sneak.”

“So you’re here because?”

Nolan walked around to the table in front of her and, leaning down, placed his hands flat on the glossy surface. His eyes zeroed in on her face like it was a target, the smile he nearly always wore nowhere to be seen.

For the first time since she’d met him, Abby felt uneasy. Clearly the doctor wasn’t as laid-back as he might appear.

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