Darby’s Dilemma, A Coach’s Boys Special Edition

Darby’s Dilemma, A Coach’s Boys Special Edition
Series: The Coach's Boys Series, Book 6
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
About the Book

A Coach’s Boys Special Edition!

*****This novelette is for fans of the Coach’s Boys series, and the idea is taken from a scene in the companion story, Holding Out For Love. If you haven’t read Holding Out For Love, Darby’s Dilemma will contain a major spoiler.*****

With Cal and Darby O’Hara’s marriage stronger than it’s ever been, they only need one more thing to make their family complete. But will Darby get the one thing she’s always dreamed of – or something she never bargained for? And if the unimaginable happens, will she lose Cal after all?

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked, his tone somehow managing to convey disappointment, disapproval, and concern all at the same time.

“Do you mean now? Because at the moment, I think I’m having a heart attack thanks to someone sneaking up on me like a – sneak. If you mean before you scared me half to death, I was trying to find that plastic Bundt mold thing.”

“And you thought playing mountain climber was the way to do it?”

“I was standing on a chair, Cal,” she said with a sigh. “What are you doing here anyway? Other than trying to give yourself a hernia?”

“Yeah, right. You’d have to gain a lot more than you have — and that’s not much — to even make me break a sweat.”

“Good save.”

“No, it’s the truth.”

“Okay. Whatever you say. But what are you doing home?”

“Well, other than the fact that this is where I live, I thought I’d have lunch with my wife.” He lowered her to the floor, kissed her nose, then bent down and pulled the dish she’d been searching for from one of the lower cupboards. “No more standing on chairs please. Not even when I’m home. If you need something you can’t reach – from the floor – I’ll get it. And if I’m not home, I’d appreciate it if you’d wait.”

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