Uphill Battles

It Wasn’t My Fault. Honest!

I know I use the term ‘the best laid plans’ a little too often, but this time my failed plan to share a Fitness Friday 1.0 post last week really wasn’t my fault. A wicked storm moved through Michigan Thursday night, knocking my power out around 9:30 p.m. And it wasn’t restored until after 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. Those two and a half days felt more like two and a half weeks, but was nothing compared to those who didn’t get it back until yesterday. 🙁

So even though it wasn’t a whole lot of fun, I’m feeling very blessed. I didn’t lose any frozen foods, though half the contents of my fridge had to go. And the heatwave that arrived last Wednesday was gone with the storm the next night so … yay!

I still managed to stay on plan though…

I know. Quite the shocker. I ate a lot of peanuts and string cheese, so when my daughter dragged out the kerosene heater late Saturday afternoon to cook ten pounds of ground beef I was afraid to leave in the cooler any longer, I was happy to eat about a cup and a half of it – with just salt. I was so ready to NOT eat anymore string cheese and peanuts … yet that’s exactly what I had for my first meal the morning after the power was back on, lol.

After all of that, I messed up Tuesday afternoon. One thing I’m finding is that if I don’t let myself get hungry, or at least not very hungry, I’m fine. I don’t crave things I shouldn’t. But Tuesday? I wanted a Milky Way candy bar so bad, but I had a couple handfuls of raisins instead. Those are healthier than a candy bar, right? 


Just a normal sized candy bar would have been about 170 fewer carbs, and half the added sugar of those ‘healthier’ raisins. That wasn’t the worst of it though. Raisins, which I’ve never loved before, are like a potato chip company used to claim – can’t eat just one. I swear they’re addictive to me now. And they are like tiny concentrated inflammation bombs too. I had a hard time sleeping that night because every ache and pain I had from my pool workout that day came screaming to life.

Lesson learned … right?

We can hope so. I really need to stay on top of the not letting myself get too hungry. And keep plenty of things that help curb cravings. I’m going to start sharing some of the things I’ve come to love while pursuing this low carb/working toward keto way of life.

One of those things is La Croix Limoncello carbonated water. There are no calories or sweeteners of any sort in it, but I love it SO much. Runners up include their lime and beach plum flavors.

I’ve also started keeping a bag of Bake Believe dark chocolate chips in the little refrigerator in my office. That was an affiliate link. I earn small commissions if you click on the link and purchase the product, however, your cost doesn’t change.

And finally…

I tried to find a good video of at least part of Thursday night’s storm – and finally did. It’s ten minutes worth of what happened  throughout much of the state condensed into twenty-one seconds. While I’m not near Detroit, this is what happened in my area – for over ninety minutes. Literally non-stop lightning. I don’t know how many people I’ve heard say they’ve never seen anything like it before. I know I sure haven’t


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