Why Not?


Time to Dive In!

I’ve read this sentiment from different people, and in slightly different ways, but basically, it applies to anything you want to succeed at in life. From work, to health, to almost anything you want to do, the answer is simple. So simple, in fact, you’ll probably roll your eyes heavenward when I tell you (if you don’t know it already).

Over the past week or so, I’ve gotten serious about the fact that I need to incorporate an exercise program into my daily life again. The thing is, there are so many choices these days. Walking, biking, strength training, Pilates, yoga – and so many more things. What to do? What to do.

This is where the simple answer comes in…

What to do? Whatever I’ll love enough to stick with, of course. And that would be exercising in a pool. I love working out in water, so as soon as the office is open next week (likely Wednesday, thanks to the holiday), I’m going to be the first in line.

Originally, I thought I’d just go three days a week. Then I realized, for $2.00 more a month, I could get the family plan – and go five or six days a week! That’s how often I used to go – and it was perfect!

I can hardly wait to get started again. What do you all do to stay – or get – in shape? Do you love it? Look forward to it? Or do you dread getting started because it’s one of your least favorite things to do?

Okay. I’m out of here. I forgot it was Friday, and didn’t have a post ready. Now I do, even though it’s short. A couple of things…

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And finally…

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