Holding on to Yesterday

Holding on to Yesterday
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One fork in the road of life, two choices. The future is irrevocably, tragically altered when the wrong path is chosen. But then a second chance presents itself. A brief, impossible window of opportunity sends you back to that crucial moment. The clock is ticking. Time is running out. Will you be able to save the day, or are events from the past forever set in stone?
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About the Book

When the woman he loved more than life wanted to take their relationship to the next level, Kyle Ferguson’s fear of marriage sent her running away from him. It was only then he realized he’d do whatever he had to in order to be with her, but before he could tell her how sorry he was, how wrong he’d been, Maggie died in a tragic accident.

Now, with the third anniversary of her death looming, is it possible a drunken wish might change the events of the past? Might allow him to save her? Might give him a second chance to make her his wife? Or is it all just a delusion brought on by too much alcohol and too many lonely nights?

Find out if wishes really can come true in the Wishes in Time story, Holding On To Yesterday.


Kyle felt foolish, leaning forward over the steering wheel, like those few inches closer to the windshield would help him see any better, or enable him to drive faster than a snail. When the storm hit, he figured he was about twenty minutes from the farm, but at this rate, it would take him ten times that long to get there.

He’d never seen anything this violent before and knew that anyone with half a brain would do the smart thing, pull over to the shoulder and wait until visibility improved. Driving in these conditions was foolhardy, but the idiot who kept calling him had scared him with his dire predictions.

What if he was right? What if Maggie went out in this mess and was killed? He knew it was ridiculous, but he couldn’t get the thought out of his mind. The guy was convinced that if they didn’t stop it, she would die today. And what was up with telling him to call Hal?

Normally he wasn’t one to drive while talking on his cell phone. It was dangerous business, in his opinion, but he didn’t want to waste a minute pulling over. Instead, he grabbed the phone from where it lay beside him on the console, flipped it open, and glanced away from the road twice, briefly. Once to press speed dial for Hal, and again to turn the speaker on.

“What?” When he was busy, as he probably was on this workday afternoon, Hal tended to forget good manners.

“It’s Kyle.”

“Which one?”

Kyle inhaled sharply. It felt like a dozen gymnasts were turning somersaults in his gut. Of all the responses he might have imagined, ‘which one’ would never have been one of them.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Nothing. I’ve just got a lot going on right now. What do you want?”

“I’m having a really bad day, Hal, so just don’t, okay? You know about him, don’t you? The guy who’s saying he’s me.” There was a long, telling pause before Hal sighed and said,

“He’s not saying it, Kyle … he is you.”

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