Reluctant Guardian

Reluctant Guardian
Genre: Historical Romance
Tag: Single Titles

Devon O'Leary has lost everything in the world that matters to her, except her brother. But she discovers that an opportunity to start over is not what it seems.

Everything Tristan Montgomery has ever wanted is finally within reach. As long as he agrees to the terms of his enemy's will. Is a dream fulfilled worth the misery it will bring?
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About the Book

She’s lost almost everyone and everything she cared about…

After a heartbreaking tragedy leaves Devon O’Leary and her brother alone in
the world, news of an unexpected inheritance offers hope for a new
beginning. But when they arrive in Charleston, those hopes are
immediately dashed. A vengeful grandfather set the stage so that no
matter which course they choose, they are destined to lose everything.
To make matters worse, the neighbor who stands to gain it all is given
guardianship over them. Devon’s brother is prepared to do whatever it
takes to keep their home, and she vows to do everything in her power to
help him…but will it be enough?

The one thing he’s ever wanted is finally within his reach…

Though Tristan Montgomery despised Lucas O’Leary for years, he always coveted
the land adjoining his. Now, if he can bring himself to agree to the
terms of his enemy’s will, in two years time it will be his. But in
order to gain the prize, he must to agree to take responsibility for the
grandchildren he’s prepared to hate on sight. To his dismay though, he
realizes that he actually likes them – which is a complication he hadn’t
planned on. While the thought of throwing them out of their home fills
him with guilt, he has no intention of giving up on his dream.


“I- Yes, we-” Devon wasn’t quite sure what to say, looking from her brother to their guardian. Mr. Montgomery readily admitted to plotting their ruin, and was now prepared to pick up their conversation where they’d left off. As though nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

“Stay away from my sister,” Adam said fiercely.

“That would be difficult, as I am her guardian. As well as yours.”

“Let me put it to you this way, Mr. Montgomery,” he growled, his face turning red with fury. “You are not welcome in this house or on this property. Do you understand me?”

“Indeed I do. But as your guardian, I will be the one to decide when I come and when I leave. Do you understand me?” he mimicked. “And you know, I believe I’ll feel the need to be here often. Every day, in fact, until you’re settled in. I imagine that could take two, maybe three months.”

“You wouldn’t!” Adam cried in disbelief, slapping his hand against the doorway.

“No? Get used to my face, Adam. You’re going to be seeing a lot of it,” Tristan promised softly.

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